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eoGEAR Saddle Nose Cover
INSTRUCTIONS: Position the webbing all the way forward until the front is JUST at the edge of the notch (underneath my thumb).
INSTRUCTIONS: On a Rivet saddle, place one strap over and one underneath the rails.
eoGEAR Saddle Nose Cover
Nose cover combined with version 2 of the Selle Anatomica compression strap.
INSTRUCTIONS: The Made in USA label should be facing towards you and facing the rear of the saddle. Depending on your saddle model, the strap on the “nose” end can go either over or under the rails. If you are also using a compression strap, attach this one on first.
Shown attached to a Selle X2.
Shown attached to a Selle X2.
Shown attached to a Selle X2.

eoGEAR Saddle Nose Cover


A small strap set for use to prevent soft tissue soreness from the edges of the slots of many leather saddles.

  • The Universal model fits a Rivet Independence or Diablo saddles. It also fits most leather Selle Anatomica saddles like the X2 series.
  • The Pearl only fits that Rivet model (it has a larger circumference than the others)
  • Thin nylon webbing which Velcro’s to the nose of the saddle, covering up the slots on the front portion of saddles
  • It is composed of two straps which are sewn together. See photo descriptions for more details on how to install it.
  • Both straps (which are sewn together as one piece) attach using Velcro on the underneath side.
  • Additionally, we recommend skiving (sanding or trimming with a sharp blade) the edges of slot and outer edges of the leather to prevent them from digging into your soft tissue or skin.
  • This product is designed to work in conjunction with the eoGEAR Selle Anatomic Compression Strap, version 2 (SKU # 6530).

Why This Strap?

During the spring and summer of 2013 I demoed the Rivet Independence saddle and found my sit bones were in hog heaven — but on longer rides, 150 miles or longer (300km), I found that my soft tissue area was not so comfortable. I use aerobars, and on some rides, use them frequently. I ride a lot ot ride in very small groups it seems (not by choice). I made up a prototype and used it on a 400km brevet (250 miles) and found I was more comfortable with, than without this add-on. 


Constructed of two 38mm (1-1/2") wide nylon webbing, measuring only .40mm thick, or about the same thickness as two layers of electrical tape.
Custom-made in the U.S. by eoGEAR

eoGEAR SKU # 6547-UNV (formerly # 6547-IND)
eoGEAR SKU # 6547-PEA

made in usa