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Inside of the module includes a secondary zippered pocket & key or mobile phone case lanyard.
1.4D with the Y-Harness on the right. Lean and mean!
1.4D is shown normally with the other components faded back.
Back view of the Y-Harness
Water bottle pouch attached to the front.
Chest module attached to a reservoir module.
1.4D Cantaloupe in front attached to the Y-Harness in back (hidden).
1.4D Cantaloupe in front attached to the Y-Harness in back (hidden).
1.4D Cantaloupe in front attached to the Y-Harness in back (hidden).

eoGEAR Chest Module 1.4


This “front” pouch attaches to any eoHYDRATION “back” module.

  • The panel facing your body uses 3mm 3D mesh for maximum breathable and drainage for water. The outside is made from pack cloth and mesh.
  • Dual compartment—one main zipper and another inside zippered compartment to secure less used items (like your iPod)
  • Sewn-in lanyard for keys or for attaching waterproof mobile phone pouch
  • iPod or mobile phone cable hole, for use with of ear buds w/o using the main zipper
  • Uses four quick-release buckles to attach to harness:
    - The top has two pieces of nylon webbing that attach to a pair of slip-proof cam buckles (found on all “back” modules) and adjust the height of pouch. Will not slip out of adjustment when removed as is the case with other systems that use quick-release buckles throughout.
    - The sides use 25mm (1") quick-release buckles for ease of removing. These buckles are beefy enough to use while wearing neoprene gloves.
  • Bottle Pouch 0.8 (SKU # 2508) will attach to this pouch (like the classic ski patrol radios...at a nice angle, out of the way, but close)
  • GPS adapter will attach to this pouch for hands-free use navigating or evaluated heart rate (SKU # 2584)
  • If you wish to piggy-back this onto the Mesh Front Harness (SKU # 2582), we can stitch on a special pair of buckles for this purpose at no charge. 

Richard’s Recommendation

This pouch is very handy for stowing car keys, mobile phone etc. while paddling, cycling or running.


Weight: 117 g (4.1 oz.)
Volume: 1.4 lit (85 cu in)
Outside Dimensions: 17 h x 20.5 w x 1 d cm (6-3/4 h x 8 w x 3/8 d")
eoGEAR SKU # 2514-C00 or 2514-T00

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa