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This is the preferred mounting position, but requires about 8" of clearance below your saddle (shown is a prototype, label is on opposite side).
You must have about 4" of clearance below your saddle. (Shown is a prototype & label may be on opposite side).
eoGEAR Smartphone Bike Pouch
Soft, bright-colored lining.
eoGEAR Smartphone Bike Pouch

eoGEAR Smartphone Bike Pouch

Lightly padded bag for attaching your smartphone to the frame of your bicycle. Attaches in four different positions on most bikes. This is especially useful for those with BIG phones that won’t fit inside a top tube bag or jersey pocket.


  • It mounts to the seatpost and top tube of your bicycle (extra clearance may be required when mounted in front of your seatpost—see photos for details).
  • Lined with soft, light-colored polyester fabric
  • The bag is constructed of tough water repellent 420-denier Nylon Ripstop fabric supplemented with 400-denier nylon fabrics.
  • The bottom is lined with 3mm closed-cell foam to protecy your phone from vibrations of the road or trail.
  • Do not place bulky items in the pouch if used forward of the seatpost as they may rub against your thighs.
  • Currently available in black with a dark gray accent.

Phone Compatibility

This bag is designed for larger smartphones such as: iPhone 8+ with Otterbox Defender case or other jumbo size cases and Samsung Galaxy up to S5 and Note 4, all with a protective case. It will, of course, hold smaller phones too.

The bag will fit phones up to 183 x 95 mm (7.2 x 3.75") in size. If your phone is narrower than 95mm, then a taller phone will fit.

  • Samsung Galaxy up to S5 and Note 4 with a “jumbo-sized” case
  • iPhone 6+ or 7+ with most large cases, like an Otterbox Defender box


Size: 20 x 10.5 x 2.5cm (7.9 x 4.1 x 1")
Weight: 79 g (206 oz)
Volume: 650 ml (40 cu in)

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa