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eoGEAR Small Hydration Pack
Arrows point to slots for attaching bottle pouch or future accessories.
Chest module has an extra inside zippered pocket.
Front view of # 2514 Chest Module
The sternum strap buckle has a built-in whistle.
One of the unique design features is the ability to raise or lower the module in the back to suit the persons torso height. On the left it is configured for a short or average height, whereas the right configuration is for taller folks.
Harness detail
Mesh Harness attached to the Module 3.0. At the bottom of the Reservoir Module is the 25mm / 1" waist strap..
A hose clip is included with each pack
eoGEAR Small Hydration Pack
eoGEAR Small Hydration Pack
eoGEAR Small Hydration Pack


eoGEAR Small Hydration Pack


This is our standard hydration pack suitable for cycling, SUP, hiking or trail running.

  • Includes the 2582 Mesh Harness and the 2515 Rear Reservoir Module (available in cantaloupe color only)
  • Rear module is constructed with polyester three-dimensional fabric for maximum breathability
  • Rear module has zippered pocket with snap hook lanyard (to hold car keys)
  • Includes a hose clip
  • Constructed from a combination of 75mm-wide (3") polyester mesh and 25mm-wide (1-inch) nylon webbing
  • Suitable for attaching to reservoir modules up to 1.5 liters (most 2 L bladders are tall and skinny, which will not fit inside this module).
  • The harness features the new eoGEAR exclusive Dual-Adjust feature. This unusual configuration keeps the sternum strap vertically centered, regardless of how tall or short you are and without the need for different harness sizes (see note below in the Richard’s Recommendation paragraph). The Dual-Adjust feature allows one to raise or lower the back module to suit a persons torso height. Some people like to carry their water reservoirs high on their back (so as to clear a CO2-style waistbelt PFD), whereas others like to carry it lower (i.e. mountain biking or trail running) and/or so the waist belt is around your waist and not in the middle of your belly. See the inset photos for clarity on this.

Richard’s Recommendation

As a tall athlete (6' 3") I always struggle with packs that don‘t fit properly. Usually the padded part of the shoulder straps are too short which puts the sternum strap into my neck. Also, the waist straps end up above my belly button because most “one-size-fits-all“ designs just don’t accommodate extra short or really tall athletes. This new  design, called the eoGEAR Dual-Adjust feature, keeps the sternum strap and waist belt where  they need to be, regardless of the user height.


Weight (both components): 316 g (11.1 oz.)

Volume: Holds up to a 1.5 liter (50 oz.) bladder. A good choice would be the CamelBak Crux 1.5 Reservoir, Ultimate Direction 1.5L Reservoir II, Nathan 1.5L Hydration Bladder or an UltrAspire 1 L bladder. Many models are too long and skinny to fit inside this pack.

Outside Dimensions (reservoir): 29.5 h x 19.0 w x 1.0 d cm (11-5/8 h x 7-1/2 x 3/8 d")

Fits most athletes from about: 165cm to 196cm (5' 5" to 6' 5")

eoGEAR SKU # 2515-CYC

made in usa