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The bag attaches with two Velcro straps around the rails of the saddle and a third attachment point around the seatpost. Shown is the “upper” pair of straps which is preferred. The lower set is only for smaller frames.
If you have less clearance above your tire, then use the lower set of Velcro straps. The top set can be attached together to stay out of the way.
At the bottom of the bag is a pair of sewn-in compression straps, which minimize the bottom part of the bag, providing more clearance for use on smaller bicycle frames or bikes with fenders (version 2.0 only).
Accessory pouches, like the Equinox Horizontal Pocket, can Velcro to the front side of this bag.
Optional accessories, like this 2L stuff sack (for a jacket) or a spare tire can be attached to the outside.
Accessories attach using a 3-point system. We recommend running the drawcord through the strap for safety as the fabric on this sack is very slick.
Peregrine (2 L stuff sack)
This bag will also attach to most “aero” of seatposts, but may require us to make a custom extra-long strap.
The three D-rings are for accessories like a stuff sack. The top webbing loop and bottom rectangular loop is for attaching a reflective yield symbol for visibility.
There is a hidden slot for a blinky tail light (to the left of the label), however, this bag tilts downward rendering if less effective. We recommend mounting lights on your seat stay instead.
Example of the recommended location for  a tail light: attached to a seatstay, instead of on the seatpost or directly to a bag.
Inside view of the 4.8.
Inside view of the 4.8. A typical bike bottle will not fit inside.
Version 1.0 (discontinued) had a compression strap & a different seatpost adapter.
eoGEAR Zippered SeatBag™ 4.8
eoGEAR Zippered SeatBag™ 4.8
eoGEAR Zippered SeatBag™ 4.8

eoGEAR Zippered SeatBag™ 4.8



This bag is an evolution of our popular 2.3 SeatBag. We took the 2.3 and made it taller and thicker, providing over twice the capacity. This is a new in-between size bag — not as large as our full-size saddlebags, but yet, much larger than your typical wedge bag. 
The bag attaches in two places to your bike: the bottom part of the bag straps to any round or most D-shaped seatposts up to 35mm in diameter 
with an integral clamp (made by SKS/Germany). The top part of the bag attaches to the rails of your saddle using a pair of Velcro-like straps. It is very quick to attach and detach, especially when compared to the RandoBags that use a separate bolt-on bracket.

NEW, Version 2.0! (April 2020)—We are now shipping a redesigned version which works with smaller bicycle frames. This upgrade has two pair of Velcro saddle rail straps: an upper set for most bicycles (preferred position) and a lower set for those frames with less clearance above the rear tire. In this mode the top of the bag will poke up above the rear edge of your saddle, providing more real estate above the rear tire. Scroll down to the "Bike Frame Compatibility" paragraph for more details and/or check out captioned photos on this page.

FEATURES—This bag has one main compartment and two outside pockets. This bag has a built-in Velcro strap system for use on round seat posts (made by SKS Germany). It will attach to most oval posts. This bag is similar to an internal frame backpack as it has a built-in HDPE (plastic) framesheet which gives the bag it’s shape. 

MAIN COMPARTMENT—Holds a small jacket, arm warmers, spare tire, repair kit and snacks. It has an easy-to-use horseshoe-shaped zipper that is water-repellent (it is chemically treated).

OUTSIDE POCKETS—The outside zippered pocket is a good spot to store cash and I.D. It will hold the optional vinyl wallet (# 4915) or a brevet card. Also included is a lanyard for your keys. It has a pair of pleats in the fabric to accommodate bulkier items without interfering with the volume of the main compartment. On the right side is a mesh pocket with an elastic top.
Just to the left of the label on this pocket, behind the reflective stripe, is a slot for hanging a tail light (though typically we recommend attaching them to your seat stays as the angle on back of a soft bag like this, may or may not orient the light properly).

CONSTRUCTION—The exterior of the bag is constructed of rugged 400-denier Nylon Pack cloth or 420-denier Ripstop Nylon fabric (with a water-repellent coating on the inside of the fabric; we don't use cheap polyester fabrics like some imported bags). The main compartment has heavy-duty #8 water-repellent zipper. The outside of the bag has reflective strips for use in dim light or night riding. On the back of the bag, near the label are three D-rings, for attaching extra gear like a stuff sack for a rain jacket. spare tire etc.

ADD-ON POCKET—On the front side of the bag, under the saddle, there is a pair of webbing slots for attaching an Equinox Horizontal Pack Pocket. This ultra-lightweight pouch is ideal for crushable items like a pair of glasses, an extra tube or a very lightweight vest. Ideally this pouch will attach to the side D-rings.

COLORS—Currently available only in black and dark gray as shown, but other colors may be available by special order.  

Bike Frame Compatibility

The Integral Seatpost Adapter attaches to any round post up to about 35mm in diameter. It will attach to most D-shaped seatposts too. The straps attach to any typical saddle including wide rail suspended leather saddles like a Brooks or Rivet.

Ideally, this bag requires 18cm (7") of clearance from the rails of your saddle to the top of your rear tire or fender. If you only have 14.6cm (5-3/4") of clearance it will work, but ONLY if you “suck in” the bottom of the bag with the provided Velcro compression straps. For further information on this visit this page or our one our our YouTube videos (link below). Frames smaller than 54cm may not work with this bag may rub on your rear wheel.

Installation Tips

When attaching the bag to your bike, first attach the clamp/strap to the seatpost and wrap it around once (unlike some of the photos or videos) and snug it up very tightly. About half the weight of the bag should be on the seatpost. The adapter has a rubber lining, so it can safely used with carbon-fiber posts. 

Check out these on YouTube: video #1 or video #2, which are also linked on our How To page.


Weight (with integral SKS seatpost adapter): 299 g (10.6 oz.)
Volume: 4.8 liters (292 cu in) including the outside pocket
Dimensions (HxWxD): 23 x 16.5 x 13 cm (9 x 6.5 x 5.1")

The fabric of this bag is waterproof, but due to stitching the bags, water may seep through the seams or through the water-repellant zipper. We recommend using an internal dry bag for keeping critical items dry.

eoGEAR SKU # 3048-G02

Designed & Crafted in USA

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