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A200 attached to front of V090, showing divider
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A200 Medium Accessory Pouch Pouch
A200 Medium Accessory Pouch Pouch
A200 Medium Accessory Pouch Pouch

A200 — Medium Accessory Pouch

Lightly padded pouch for teleconverters, filters, radio slaves (transmitter & receiver both w/ divider between), cell phone, mirrorless cameras, point-n-shoot cameras or a small DSLR body. Also holds some DSLR prime lenses or lenses for most rangefinder cameras (Leica or Contax).

  • Originally designed to keep exposed and unexposed film separate, but has many other non-film uses. 
  • Includes one small padded, removable divider which adjusts with Velcro® (# V020). 
  • Pleated front pocket keeps accessories handy and prevents crushing.
  • The bottom and ends have 6mm closed-cell foam padding — the front and back have a lighter 2mm minimalist padding.
  • Sewn-in hand-grab loop, a pair of D-rings and generic belt loops are featured on this pouch.
  • Will house a smaller DSLR body with ease (not a pro-sized Nikon D-3 or Canon 1d-series body). It is more compact than the A257 body pouch, but doesn’t provide the same bump protection however.
  • Two teleconverters will fit inside the pouch, even though the specs indicate otherwise as the pouch will bulge to fit).
  • Is also suitable for Metz 60 CT battery packs (laying sideways).
  • Will hold 6-8 100x125mm (4x6") filters inside their protective pouches up to about 140x190mm (5.5"x7.5") in size. 


Double-wide allotment on belt using KATS.

5.5h x 7.25w x 2.25d" I.D.
Volume = 122 cu in
Weight = 5 oz.

14h x 18.5w x 6d cm I.D.
Volume = 2.0 lit
Weight = 142 g

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa