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Harness attached to long lens case (H130 is needed, but not shown).
Add a H170 strap set to wear your holster case as a backpack.
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Use the H150 adapter to attach small old style Kinesis pouches to the harness.
H245 + H160 in suspender mode attached to a B107 waist belt. Note how it uses a 3-point attachment system. Also attached, in the center making a large “O”, is the H152 strap, for stabilizing your camera. Although...the H344 is more lean and mean and “realistic” product for suspender only use.
H245 — Small Backpack Harness
H245 — Small Backpack Harness
H245 — Small Backpack Harness

H245 — Small Backpack Harness

Converts a tripod bag or long lens case into a backpack. For people from approx. 5'10" (177cm) or shorter.

Visit this page for information on comparing different Kinesis harnesses. Check out this page to view how to fit a backpack to your body.

  • Padded backpack-style harness constructed of thick 16mm (5/8") closed-cell foam.
  • Outside is covered on the top with nonabrasive water-repellent 400D nylon pack cloth.
  • Inside surface (which faces your body) is made from 3D mesh fabric, a soft Polyester moisture-wicking substrate.
  • 2-way adjustable sternum strap.
  • This harness does not come with straps for attaching a pouch or case to the front of your chest, but can be purchased separately. The H437 is for attaching a pouch or case with D-rings. The H436 is for attaching a naked camera body (not in case) that utilizes the Kinesis quick-release system.
  • A H130 strap is recommended when used with a long lens case & is automatically included.

This harness functions in two modes:

  1. Backpack Mode—converts a tripod or long lens case into a backpack (this is primary design of this harness). The H160 “back” adapter is NOT needed here.
  2. Suspender Mode (the H344 is less bulky and just as comfortable). The H245 must be paired with a H160 is required and attaches to any padded Kinesis waist belt.

A waist belt (shown) is NOT required, but provides more stability when used as a backpack. The front load or case invariably pulls down, which causes the back of the harness to go up.

Printable PDF Instructions


H245: ~ 270 g (9 oz.)
The length of padded portion of the harness is 36cm (14").

Old long lens case users note: These harnesses will attach to all current long lens cases. It will not attach to pre-2000 model cases which include L300, L302, L400, L402, L600, L602 or L603.

Note: if you order this product from a dealer, it will automatically include a H130 Long Lens Case to Harness Strap.

Designed and Crafted in USA

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