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P019 — Heavy-duty Pack Frame
Front angle
Detail of P019. P017 is the same, just not quit as wide.
The Heavy-duty belts have special pockets built in for inserting the aluminum staves of a Kinesis backpack. The standard weight Kinesis Black Belts do not have this pocket, however a B503 adapter can be added for this purpose.
Detail of attaching two long lens cases together. Take the strap from the cam buckle and attach it to the buckle of the OTHER case.
Attaching two long lens cases to a P019, back to back.
P019 — Heavy-duty Pack Frame
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P019 with L522 and a waist belt.
P019 with L522 and a waist belt.
P019 with L522 and a waist belt.

P019 — Heavy-duty Pack Frame

Optional accessory for carrying a heavy tripod and a long lens case in the field.

The P019 is designed to handle the extraordinary weight and bulk of a large tripod and long lens case as a backpack. It is rather tall but has an adjustable harness for varying body heights.


The frame is designed to hold cases on the left two-thirds of the frame, leaving the right third for attaching a tripod or single-wide pouches. The provides a balanced load without the necessity of carrying the tripod on outside center of the pack (which tends to pull back on your shoulders). This is a feature not found on any other shorter “system” photo packs.

  • If a tripod is not being carried, the long lens case can be mounted in the center.
  • Uses 25mm (1") wide 6061-T6 aircraft-quality aluminum staves.
  • Check out this page to view how to fit a backpack to your body.

Please Note:

  1. A H255 harness can be attached directly to a long lens case and is the most common way to carry a long lens case as a backpack.The P019 pack frame is ONLY needed if you want to carry a heavy tripod or if you are rather tall and want a more comfortable fit.
  2. These pack frames are NOT designed to replace the large and heavy divider system “kitchen sink” packs (such as the Pro Trekker, Extreme Backpack etc.). 

These frames provide the suspension of a mountaineering internal frame pack and include the following features:

  • A pair of 71cm tall aluminum staves which are removable and can be custom-bent
  • Haul loop
  • Vertical lifter straps for the shoulder straps (which relieves the pressure on the upper shoulders)
  • Vertically adjustable shoulder straps for a custom fit on both short and tall people
  • Adjustable back foam pad and a thick lumbar pad with a breathable lining (the same fabric used on the inside of our belts)
  • Two harness sizes and four belt sizes for a custom fit
  • We have designed a series of special heavy-duty belts for these packs. The belts are easily removable in the field so it can be used independently with various Kinesis pouches attached.
  • P019 includes one Y205 strap for stabilizing a long lens case.
  • This model is wider than the P017 and was primarily designed to carry a long lens case with tripod attached to the side. It has additional padding to protect you from the hard legs of your tripod.

Important Note About Waist Belts

We recommend that this frame is used with a Kinesis Heavy-duty Belt. It can be used with the standard-weight Kinesis Black Belt (B107, B108 etc.), but not as supportive. A free B503 adapter is required for use with the standard-weight “Black” belt — please request this when placing your order. No adapter is needed if you are using a Heavy-duty belt (B308, B309 etc.) as these belts have “stave pockets” sewn in to them.
Warning: If you are using a previously purchased a Heavy-duty Belt (pre-2005), check to insure it has special vertical stitching on the stave pockets, otherwise the staves on the P017-series or P450-series Journeyman pack may slip through the side of this pocket. Older Heavy Duty belts did not have this feature but can be added to any belt if returned to us for modification. This is not a problem with the P019 as it uses a wider stave.


28-1/4h x 12w"
4 lbs w/ H255 harness but w/o belt. B308 Lrg Belt adds 10 oz.
72h x 30w cm
1.4 kg w/ H255 harness but w/o belt. B308 Lrg Belt adds 283 g

Price includes an extra $10 for UPS shipping. This extra amount is waived on will-call or FedEx air orders.

Designed and Crafted in USA

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