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Pack w/o a waistbelt.
Harness View
Back view with harness removed showing “U” ventilation pad.
U pad dropped to show staves and belt.
Journeyman with harness & lifter straps, side view
Pack with ice ax & lens pouch attached. Y305 stabilizing strap surrounds the lens pouch.
Pack with P069 attached
Attach a tripod with the Y204 strap & T317 pouch.
D636 laptop insert and V092 mounted at the top of the pack.
Pack with D636 laptop insert & V092 at the bottom of the pack.
Pack with V090 on top& V092 on bottom.
Top view with holster case & lens pouch accessible.
Top view with V090 accessible.
Aluminum staves can be bent to fit your back contour.
The Heavy-duty belts have special pockets built in for inserting the aluminum staves of a Kinesis backpack. The standard weight Kinesis Black Belts do not have this pocket, however a B503 adapter can be added for this purpose.
Journeyman™ Pack with harness and waistbelt.
Journeyman™ Pack with harness and waistbelt.
Journeyman™ Pack with harness and waistbelt.

P450 — Journeyman™ Modular Pack

Our only complete photo backpack. Available with differing harnesses and waist belts for a custom fit.

Jour•ney•man: an experienced reliable workman in any field

  • Our only complete backpack (i.e. a frame and a bag combined into one unit)
  • Available in one “shell size”
  • A choice of harnesses & waist belts for a custom fit
  • A padded insert (V090, V092 or nearly any Kinesis case or pouch) is required to house and protect your camera equipment
  • A waist belt is recommended, but not required
  • An extra $10 is included in the price for UPS shipping charges.
  • Check out this page to view how to fit a backpack to your body.

The Journeyman pack is a multipurpose internal frame bag with a large unpadded zippered main compartment. It is a half-and-half pack — designed for half photo equipment and half personal effects (such as a jacket, lunch & climbing/skiing gear). This pack is not like the popular Lowepro Trekker series, which is a heavily padded pack, primarily designed to carry or store only camera equipment, including an entire camera system.

The Journeyman is not a “carry the kitchen sink” pack. It is similar to the Lowepro Rover in function, but has no permanent padded compartments and can thus be used as a non-photo pack too.

  • Padded compartments to house camera gear must be added separately — choose either the V090 or V092.
  • Smaller holster cases (C380, C540 etc.) are also commonly used (P111 adapter required to attach most pouches to the inside of JM pack other than [except M550, V090 or V092).
  • What sets this pack apart from others is its adjustability and versatility. 
  • People of different heights and body builds alike will find a comfortable fit.
  • Our opinion is that if you are carrying a photo pack, then your photography gear, the most often-accessed items, should be at the top of the pack.
  • Unlike many photo packs, you don't have to set the pack down to access your gear, as most of the pouches and pockets are top-accessible. The aluminum staves (or stays) keep the pack from collapsing, keeping it in an upright position. 
  • It is also an excellent all-purpose pack for travel, day hikes or mountaineering. 
  • Now you can purchase one pack for both photography and travel or mountaineering.


  • Exclusive Kinesis adjustable harness, three different belt weights and five belt sizes (any existing Kinesis belt will fit, but B503 adapter is required for most models)
  • One tall moisture-wicking polyester spacer pad
  • Hydration bladder compatible with covered hose slot on left side of pack (8.25x14" / 21x36cm) & built-in bladder pocket (bladder not included) 
  • Black & gray exterior made from rugged 500D Cordura® fabricTwo exterior nylon mesh pockets for water bottle or monopod • One exterior zippered pocket for accessories such as filters, film, power supply units, optional F143 Reporter's Notebook etc. Also has key ring snaphook
  • Mounts to Heavy-duty Frame (P017 recommended) for multi-day trips (taller people will find the extra height of the H.D. Frame more comfortable than the regular Journeyman pack).
  • Heavy-duty self-healing water-repellent YKK #10 coil zipper; #8 on the front pocket.
  • Four compression straps. Bottom straps have ski slots. Top compression strap features a “direct-to-frame” attachment for additional stability.
  • Pair of ice ax loops (Y204s required to secure the tops of the tools)
  • Accessory pouches or holster cases can be mounted on the belt while attached to the pack (with a medium-sized belt you can attach up to one double-wide pouch on each side).

Attaching a Tripod

  • A monopod will slip into either of the mesh side pockets.
  • Attach a small tripod in the center of the bag right-side-up with the T164 Tripod Feet Pouch and a Y204 Short QR Strap.
  • Attach a large tripod in the center of the bag upside-down with the T317 Ballhead Pouch and a Y205 Medium QR Strap.

Pack Size

The Journeyman pack is functionally like the Lowepro S&F Rover, Lowepro Stealth, the Tamrac 752 Super Photo Day pack or the Tenba P151 Day Pak. It is about the same size as a Lowepro Photo Trekker, but is NOT designed to carry photo-only equipment like the Trekkers. Please note that this pack is substantially larger than the average day or book pack. If you are looking for a small pack to hold a lunch and maybe a raincoat, then consider a simple book pack. Many are short enough to fit above your Kinesis belt system.
The Journeyman has additional capacity for a fleece jacket, a days worth of food, water bottle, etc. This size is ideal for quick overnight assignments or those jobs that take you far from the car, where you need to be self-contained (esp. winter or cold-weather shoots). It also has features not typically found on other photo packs such as a pair of ice ax loops, compression straps and CamelBak-style water bladder compartment (with a corresponding weatherproof hose egress slot). It is designed to meet all domestic U.S. airline carry-on specs.

Important Notes about Waist Belts

When using the Journeyman pack with the standard-weight Black Belt (B107, B108 etc.) or the B206 Basic Belt, a free B503 adapter is required — please request this when placing your order. No adapter is needed if you are using a Heavy-duty belt (B308, B309 etc.) as these belts have “stave pockets” sewn in to them.


Size: 21.5hx13.5wx8.75d" I.D. / 22hx14wx9"d O.D.
Volume: 2750 cu in including all pockets (main body = 2453 cu in)
Weight: Multi Size H255 Harness (4 lb. 9 oz. w/ B108 belt)

Meets US Airline Carry-on Specs

Size: 55.5hx35wx22d cm I.D. / 56.5hx36wx23d cm O.D.
Volume: 45 liters including all pockets (main body = 40.2 lit, front pocket = 2.4 lit)
Weight: 1.35 kg with Multi Size H255 Harness (1.60 kg w/ B108 belt)

Meets US Airline Carry-on Specs

Note: depth dimensions noted above are maximum depth which is near the bottom of the pack — the pack tapers a little towards the top.

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa