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B107 shown. Enlarge to see features found on all padded Kinesis belts.
The inner side of the belts have a soft Polyester knit fabric.
The Kinesis attachment method keeps pouches in place, even when removed from the belt.
Two layers of foam for comfort. The soft layer is on the inside.
Placing the belt buckle in the rear frees up valuable real estate on the front of the belt.
The Heavy-duty belt has special pockets built in for connecting the aluminum staves of a Kinesis backpack. The B503 can be added to the other belts for this purpose.
B516 is to prevent slash & grab of your belt while being worn. INSTRUCTIONS: after attaching the belt on yourself, slip the Velcro strap in between the buckle slots as shown and back onto itself.
The optional B501 Metal Slider fixes the length of the belt.
Heavy-duty Belt series (B307 shown)
Heavy-duty Belt series (B307 shown)
Heavy-duty Belt series (B307 shown)

B300 Series — Heavy-duty Belt

Our Heavy-duty Belt provides more support for heavier loads and when using a Kinesis heavy-duty pack frame.

The Heavy-duty Belt is 11cm (4.25" ) wide, compared to the slightly narrower Kinesis standard-weight Black Belt which is 9cm (3.5") wide, providing more support for the heavier loads.

  • Three times as thick as the standard-weight Kinesis Black Belts (20mm foam compared to 6mm).
  • Supplied with tough 50mm (2") wide buckle. Dual adjustable; you can adjust with either left or right hand.
  • Commonly used with the Heavy-duty Pack Frame or with a heavily-loaded belt system.
  • Heavy-duty belts are made from bi-laminate foam for a more comfort with heavy loads (10mm closed cell or stiffer foam on the outside and 10mm of softer, open-cell foam on the inside).
  • Conically cut (curved like a banana), providing a good fit for both women and men.
  • Inside surface of our belt utilizes SuperKnit, a soft breathable foam-backed knit fabric. The outer surface is made of 500-denier DuPont Cordura® Plus nylon fabric.
  • Kinesis belts fit over streetwear, including your pants belt.
  • All belts include a pair of Acetal (plastic looking) Strap Keepers which helps keep the loose end of the belt webbing tidy. As of September of 2023, we are no longer including the B501 Metal Sliders with every belt, but they can be ordered separately.
  • Belts are cut with extra webbing for use over winter apparel. 


Order the same size as your pants waistband. Kinesis belts are sized to fit over normal street wear, including a regular pants belt. Since we provide an extra webbing “tail,” the belt will fit a larger waists or can  be used effectively over winter apparel.

Always get the largest belt you can fit into, as it will provide you with more attachment points, however if you are borderline between two sizes, get the smaller size as the belts can go larger, but they cannot cinch Down much past the recommended size.

For women — keep in mind the measurements are for your natural waist or narrow point above your hips. This is much higher than where most women wear their pants these days. If you plan to wear your Kinesis belt lower on your waist or hips, measure that area accordingly. (It may mean going up a size.)


As stated below: “Optimum fit for 34-38 waist, (fits up to 50"),” means that the padded portion of the belt will wrap around the majority of your waist if you are in the 34 to 38-inch range. Since we provide an extra webbing “tail,” the belt will fit a larger waists — the padding just won't surround your waist. Also, this long tail enables the belts to be used effectively over winter apparel.

B307 Medium – Optimum fit for 29-33" (74-86cm) waist. Fits up to 46" (117cm)Has seven attachment points* or room for six single-wide pouches (or three double-wides or any combination thereof).

B308 Large – Optimum fit for 34-38" (87-99cm) waist. Fits up to 50" (127cm) Has eight attachment points* or room for seven single-wide pouches (or three double-wides and one single-wide or any combination thereof).

B309 X-Large – Optimum fit for 39-47" (100-122cm) waist. Fits up to 54" (137cm) Has nine attachment points* or room for eight single-wide pouches (or four double-wides or any combination thereof).

B311 XX-Large – Optimum fit for 48-54" (123-137cm) waist. Fits up to 64" (162cm) Has 11 attachment points* or room for 10 single-wide pouches (or five double-wides or any combination thereof).

*See “Modularity is the Key” on this page for explanation of pouch widths.

Special Notes

Arctic Conditions: Quality buckles are made from either Nylon or acetal (Delrin®). We use a Nylon/Acetal combination for our belts because at normal temperatures it is stronger & more impact resistant than 100% acetal. Nylon, however, may not be suitable for high humidity (white water rafting, kayaking or canoeing) or extreme subzero (-20ºF or less) temperatures. Special order belts with substitute acetal buckles are available at no additional cost.

HIgh crime areas: The B516 is a small Velcro add-on strap to (hopefully) prevent slash & grab of your belt while being worn.

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