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C447 with optional Y302 stablizing straps (recommended for heavy body lens combinations).
C447 with a camera body and shoe-mount flash attached (rotate camera body as shown).
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C447 — Bottomless Holster Case
C447 — Bottomless Holster Case
C447 — Bottomless Holster Case

C447 — Bottomless Holster Case

Unique belt-only case designed for the photographer on the run, who needs a place to quickly stash a camera body with a lens attached.

Finally, after many requests from wedding shooters and PJs, we have developed a bottomless holster case. This unique case is designed for the photographer on run, who needs a spot to stash a DSLR quickly without taking time to remove a lens or close the zipper of a case. It is also designed for those tired of ruining their back by the constant pressure of a camera slung from a shoulder.

Please note:This case is ONLY designed to work on a Kinesis belt -- it will NOT attach to other brands of belts (Lowepro, Think Tank etc.), or to a shoulder strap, or to a regular pants belt.


  • It includes two pair of Velcro dividers — one short and one long, to fit nearly any size DSLR or mirrorless camera body. The dividers are removable and adjustable so the height of the camera can be varied.
  • The sides of the case are unpadded so the depth of the case will conform to your DSLR (depending on which dividers you use).
  • On the right side is a scooped out opening so you can quickly grab the "grip" of your DSLR
  • On the outside corners are a pair of rectangular Uniloops for attaching a Y302 compression strap set (this prevents side-to-side sway).
  • Holds any length lens (up to 82mm diameter)
  • Over the top is a nylon strap with a quick-release buckle for securing your camera while you are on the move.
  • Will accommodate nearly any "hand holdable" lens or lens hood up to 82mm filter or hood diameter up to 12cm (4.75") like a 24-70/2.8, 70-200/2.8, 80-400, 400/5.6 etc. (Will not accommodate "long lenses" like a 400/4, 300/2.8 or larger).

Note: Please be aware that the because of the depth of larger camera bodies (Canon 1d-series or Nikon 1 or 2D-series), some people may find this case cumbersome to wear on the side of your waist when working in crowds such as news events or weddings -- it might best be worn in the rear of your waist or in the front. 


Uses the old metal Twin-buckle Slider to attach to a belt.

Double-wide allotment on belt.


Max top = 6d*x7w"
Min top = 3.75d* x 7w"
Bottom = 4.75" dia
Height = 8"
Volume = 268 cu in
Weight = 5 oz. (w/ large set of dividers)

Max top = 15d*x18w cm
Min top = 9.5*x18w cm
Bott = 12cm dia
Height = 20.5 cm
Volume = 4.4 lit
Weight = 138 g (w/ large set of dividers)

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa