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Rear/side view with lid partially pulled back.
Case w/o external pouches.
Top handle.
Rear view of lid.
Metal slider on the back of the case for attaching a backpack harness (covered by the lid when not in use).
Side handle for carrying the case horizontally.
Under the lid is a removable piece of Velcro for faster field use.
D-shaped profile of case. Zippered pocket under lid.
L622 — PolyCore™ Long Lens Case 600 (w/ shoulder strap)
L511, NOT L622 shown. A monopod will fit in the side pocket and is secured to the top using built-in straps.
L511, NOT L622 shown. Add a tripod to the rear (or right side) of a long lens case with the addition of a Y204 strap & T164 pouch. Or mount the tripod upside down when using a ballhead with a ballhead pouch instead. Close
Attach a backpack harness to any long lens case.
Mesh pocket with an elastic closure fits most bottles up to 1 liter in size.
We’ve changed our logo! Old label on the left—new one on the right. Some current inventory may have old label.
Inside dimensions for L321, L522 & L622 PolyCore cases. 195mm = 7-¾", 203mm = 8", 190mm = 7-½".
This photo illustrates just how rigid and tough a PolyCore long lens case is.
A257 body pouch attached with Y515 Shoulder Strap in the foreground.
A257 body pouch attached with Y515 Shoulder Strap in the foreground.
A257 body pouch attached with Y515 Shoulder Strap in the foreground.

L622 — PolyCore™ Long Lens Case 600 (w/ shoulder strap)

This is our biggest long lens case! It is designed for 600/4 lenses with hood in shooting position and the body detached. It will hold this lens with the hood in shooting position and with a body attached when used with the an optional L127 or L128 Extended Lid
The inside height of the case with the stock “flat” lid is 67.5cm (26-5/8").

  • Perhaps the tallest long lens case ever made!
  • PolyCore case with semi-rigid sidewalls & bottom.
  • Converts to a backpack with H255 harness and a Kinesis waist belt (standard “Black Belt” recommended).
  • Due to the height of this case, when it is placed on the seat of a vehicle, there may not be room to remove the lens/camera without hitting the roof of the vehicle.

Product Update: We have transitioned away from a solid nylon fabric pocket (as shown in most product photos) to a mesh pocket as shown in the detail shot.

Compatible Lenses

- 600/4 lenses with hood in shooting position and body detached.
- 400/2.8 or 500/4s lenses with hood in shooting position and full-sized body attached (with quick-release plate attached)
- Canon 800/5.6 IS with the hood in the shooting position and with a DSLR body attached.
- Sigma 800/5.6 EX or 300-800/5.6 lenses (hood reversed) with body attached
- This case will not will not hold Nikon 600/4 AF-S or AF-S II lens unless a Wimberly adapter plate (#AP-652 or #AP-452) is used in place of the OEM “very tall mounting foot” supplied by Nikon.

Field Reports

- Sony FE 400mm/2.8 GM OSS with a body attached & the hood extended: Should fit inside this case with about 2" to spare (January 2023).
Nikon 800/5.6E + D850 w/ hood in the shooting position: The back of the body pokes up beyond the edge of the case by approx. ¼", but the standard flat lid has enough flexibility or adjustment that the fit is “just fine.”
- Canon 600/4 (version I) w/ hood: I use the L622 for my Canon 600mm f/4 L lens. With the L127 shallow extended lid, I can use it in shooting position with the body (Canon 1D Mark III) attached. (July 2008 & April 2014)
- Canon 800/5.6: The Canon 800mm with the OEM hood on and a camera body mounted actually just fits inside the L622 with the standard lid (the body sticks up ~1/2" above the lip of the bag, but the lid easily closes over it). (2011 report)
- Canon 800/5.6: I pack the lens with the hood in shooting position (rather than reversed for storage). I do have a Don Zeck cap, but I usually also pack the lens with a heavy, aftermarket neoprene sock over the lens hood it is a little shorter than the OEM sock (it ends before the bottom lip / locking knob of the hood), but easier to fit over the hood (it just stretches on), it seals the opening better and doesn’t mess up the front edges of my Lenscoat cover (the last inch of OEM sock fits tight over the end of the hood lip and you have to roll the Lenscoat back). (July 2011)
- Nikon 600/4 VR with a D3 body attached and both hoods in the shooting position will fit WITH the slightly deeper L127 lid instead of the standard flat lid (order Kinesis model L622c). (November 2011)
- Canon 600/4 III with the ET-160 (WIII) hood in the shooting position. “The 600 with 1DX2 mounted on it fits well inside the L622 with the L127 lid. The eye piece is little high but the top closes without an issue.” (Oct. 2019)
Canon 600/4 II with 1.4x & with hood. Fits with the L128 Extended Lid...The L622 is my preferred choice as it is more rigid and provides more protection (and horizontal carry handle) than the flimsy Lenscoat  Xpandable 4 case…which I’ve tried (Nov. 2018).

External Attachment Options

Lower Position
- One A257 or M330 can be attached in the lower center of the case (standard position & shown in photos).
- Two single-wide pouches (E105, E280 etc.) can be attached to either side of the lower A257, covering the collapsible pockets.
Alternately, a double-wide pouch (A257, M330 etc.) can also be attached to either the left or right of the standard A257 Body Pouch, but this attachment location is a little loose which may cause the pouch to shift around a little, unless secured with a Y205 strap.

Upper Position
- The upper part of the case will house an equal amount of pouches, except it has additional attachment points, so two single-wide pouches can be attached in the center.

Back (flat) Side of the Case
- A double-wide pouch (A257, M330 etc.) can be attached to the lower back or flat part of the case, although this disables use of any backpack harness or may make using a shoulder strap awkward.

Tripod Use
Remove the A257 center pouch (shown in photo above) and replace it with a T164 or T317 pouch for attaching a tripod (see this page for pix). Attach a Y204 to the top of the case to hold the top part of the tripod. The A257 can then be reattached to the upper or lower part of the case, slightly off center.

Airline Carry-on

Because of airline carry-on baggage regulations, the L622 is too large (long) for use as a carry-on piece of luggage — however many airlines enforce the height and width specs and letting the length slide, which means the L622 may eke by.

The sidewalls are constructed with our exclusive 13mm-thick semi-rigid PolyCore™ and the lid uses 10mm closed-cell foam. The bottom also uses a piece of stiff 13mm PolyCore™, plus an additional layer of 6mm closed-cell foam.

Long Lens Case Instruction Sheet (PDF)


U.S./Imperial I.D.
26-5/8h x 7-7/8" dia I.D. with the stock “flat lid”*
27-3/4" inside height with the L127 lid
33-3/8" inside height with the L128 lid 
Volume = 1470 cu in
Weight with A257 pouch & Y515 shoulder strap: 4 lbs. 10 oz.
Weight w/o A257 pouch & Y515 shoulder strap: 4lbs. 1.5 oz

Metric I.D.
67.5h x 20cm dia I.D. with the stock “flat lid”*
70.5cm inside height with the optional L127 lid
84.5cm inside height with the L128 lid
Volume = 24 lit
Weight with A257 pouch & Y515 shoulder strap: 2.105 kg
Weight w/o A257 pouch & Y515 shoulder strap: 1.865 kg

Outside Dimensions

27-5/8h x 10-1/4" dia O.D.
71.0h x 25.8cm dia O.D.

*Height (I.D. or Inside Dimension): There is a little give in the stock “flat” lid (15mm or 5/8"), allowing a lens/body combo up to 68.5cm (27") to fit inside this case.

Diameter (I.D. or Inside Dimension): this is the maximum diameter of the front element and/or lens cover that will fit inside this case. The circumference of this case is 71cm (27-7/8") and measures the entire inside perimeter of the D shape of the case. It is larger than 3.14 times the diameter to allow extra room for the lens tripod foot. To reduce the diameter of the bottom of the case consider L029 foam insert. See the last product photo for further detail.

Diameter (O.D. or Outside Dimension): please note than the outside diameter of the lid is 28cm (11"). 

Designed & Crafted in USA

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