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Y303 — Pouch to Generic Pack Adapter (pair)
Y303 — Pouch to Generic Pack Adapter (pair)
Y303 — Pouch to Generic Pack Adapter (pair)

Y303 — Pouch to Generic Pack Adapter (pair)

Attach most camera or holster cases to a non-Kinesis backpack.

We have devised this simple, lightweight adapter kit that allows our C-Series holster cases, most other Kinesis pouches, and some other brands of zoom cases (i.e. Tamrac, Lowepro etc.) to attach to the shoulder straps of a non-Kinesis backpack.

  • In addition to the Y303, we recommend the H152 strap (fits around your torso) for added stability while rock climbing, scrambling or hiking in rough terrain. Also consider the H157 strap if using a Kinesis waistbelt.
  • Clip it to the bottom D-ring(s) of the your C-Series case and wrap the strap around your torso to keep the bottom of the case from swinging outward.

Fits the Following...

  • Will attach to most models/brands of packs such as: Kelly, Osprey, Lowe Alpine, Mountainsmith, Gregory, REI, EMS, Dana, etc.
  • Will not attach to most lightweight day pack or book packs.
  • Mates with 20mm female quick-release buckles found on the following Kinesis products:
    - H675, H435 & H717-K or H717-P X-Harness
    - H255 harnesses when used with the optional H436 strap set
    - Also consider adding a pair of H433 buckles to the Y303 if you are using Op/Tech straps


Each 20mm (3/4") strap adjusts from 6.25" (16cm) to 22" (56cm). 

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa