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Harness with DSLR (not included), H436, H435 straps and H164 stabilizing strap (over the nose of the lens).
Harness w/o a DSLR attached. The front “V” strap attaches to the torso strap and is adjustable.
Rear shot. Note the elastic panels on the lower left and lower right — this allows a snug fit yet permits you to breath!
In inner layer of fabric is made from a breathable knit, which is same as found on our waistbelts.
Detail of the optional H436 strap (on the right with the male quick-release buckle) and the adjustment tension buckle for the “V” strap.
The H164 stabilizing strap (in gray) quickly attaches or detaches to the harness via a simple Velcro closure.
Base harness shown with H436 & H435 strap sets.
Base harness shown with H436 & H435 strap sets.
Base harness shown with H436 & H435 strap sets.

H700 — Kinesis V-Harness

We have offered the H717 X-Harness for many years, but for some cameras, it is a bit overkill, consequently we introduced this lighter-weight harness. It is is a better alternative for those with a smaller DSLR or mirrorless body/lens combo. 

  • The fabric facing your body is made from lightly padded, breathable polyester knit fabric.
  • The shoulder area has 6mm closed-cell foam.
  • The outer fabric is made from smooth urethane coated 400D nylon oxford cloth.
  • The front of the harness forms a “V” shape, hence the name. This design is especially comfortable to female photographers.

Available Kits

H700-J ~ V-Harness — Base harness w/ H436 strap set & H675 Photojournalist (PJ) Neck Strap. Our recommended package.
H700-0 ~ V-Harness — Base harness w/ no add-on straps.
H700-K ~ V-Harness — Base harness w/ H436 strap set & H435 “Kinesis” adapters for a DSLR or mirrorless body (but no neck strap for off harness use). 
H700-E ~ V-Harness — Base harness w/ H439 strap set for most Op/Tech neck strap systems. Requires Op/Tech adapters for the camera side, not provided.
H700-T ~ V-Harness — Base harness w/ H442 strap set for Tamrac neck strap systems. Requires Tamrac adapters for the camera side, not provided.
H700-H ~ V-Harness — Base harness for holster case use; comes w/ H437 snaphook strap set (attach to the holster side D-rings, not the rear ones).
H164 ~ Camera Stabilizing Strap for H700 — Recommended when used on brisk walking or long hikes to keep your camera or case from bouncing around.

Instruction Sheet (1-page PDF)

Designed and Crafted in USA

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