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H717-H: X-Harness with holster case attached in front.
Back view
X-Harness with optional waist belt (NOTE: belt IS NOT required for this harness to function. The waist belt is only for carrying extra pouches or, when used with the H163 adapter shown, as suspenders to “pull up” the waist belt a little).
The inside fabric of the H717 features a breathable three-dimensional fabric.
H163 adapter attached to an optional waist belt.
Optional H164 adpater onto H717 for suspender use only, which is NOT recommended when carrying a DSLR on the chest (H163 is better)..
Detail showing how to double back the webbing.
We now include a second set of slider buckles for extra security.
All versions of the harness feature this removable anti-sway, stabilizing strap.
H717 with optional H158 attached
We’ve changed our logo! Old label on the left—new one on the right. Some current inventory may have old label.
Harness shown with H435 straps attached to DSLR.
Harness shown with H435 straps attached to DSLR.
Harness shown with H435 straps attached to DSLR.

H717 — X-Harness

Relieve the pressure on your neck and shoulders with the revolutionary design of the Kinesis X-Harness.

The Kinesis X-Harness is a designed specifically for carrying a heavy DSLR and lens on your chest in the ready to shoot mode WITHOUT the typical neck or shoulder strain associated with a traditional camera strap. It can also hold a holster case which contains a DSLR.
Professional audio technicians have known for years that the only way to carry a heavy recorder and mixer on location is with an x-style harness that crosses in the back. Chest-mounted baby carriers utilize this same carrying method. We have blended these two designs and improved on this classic design by adding a unique feature...two internal staves to transfer the bulk of the weight AWAY from your neck and shoulders.


  • Specifically designed for shooters that are hand holding heavy film, mirrorless, digital DSLR cameras with big glass (PJs or wedding photogs)
  • Harness front has a pair of internal HDPE staves, which effectively transfers some of the load to the torso, making this harness unbelievably comfortable with a large digital DSLR and a 2.8 zoom lens
  • Works with or without a waist belt (see note below on belts)
  • Attached high on each side of the harness are two removable and independently adjustable 20mm-wide (3/4") straps — one set of quick-release buckles for attaching directly to a camera body*. The other pair of straps has snap-hooks for attaching to a C-Series holster case or most any case with D-Rings.
  • Sway-free strap is included — keeps camera or holster case from swinging about (similar to the H152 strap)
  • All compression and attachment straps (except sternum/chest strap) can be removed for a cleaner profile
  • Converts to suspenders:
    > Add a H163 to convert the harness to a 3-point suspender & helps lift up some of the weight on your belt.
    > The optional H167 converts the harness to a 4-point suspender (NOT recommended when carrying a DSLR on your chest)
  • Attach a tripod bag or the P069 hydration pack while in this mode — an extra set of pig tails is provided for this purpose. One size fits most.
  • Not suitable for converting a long lens case into a backpack (choose H245 or H255 + H130 instead)
  • The interior fabric is made from 75mm-wide lightly padded highly breathable 3mm three-dimensional polyester spacer fabric (see photo in right-hand column). Exterior is smooth 400D nylon oxford cloth (i.e. rugged pack cloth).
  • Over the shoulder area has an additional foam padding (6mm closed-cell foam)
  • If you want additional stability (as in trail running, rock climbing or horseback riding), snap the Y215 Basic Shoulder Strap onto the D-Rings of the harness and run it around the back of your torso.

Available Kits

  1. H717-J << RECOMMENDED >> Kinesis neck strap: This kit is if you want to carry a camera (not in a holster case) and switch back and forth between the Kinesis neck strap and the H717 (using the built-in quick-release buckles). It includes the base harness, a H436 male buckle strap set and a H675 PJ neck strap which includes H435 female camera straps.
  2. Other brands of neck straps: If you are currently using another brand of neck strap system with quick-release buckles, then order one of the following: These are for those with existing buckles attached to their camera body. See Specifications below for more details.
    • H717-A for Op-Tech which includes the base harness and the H439 Op-Tech-compatible male/female buckle/straps.
    • H717-B for Tamrac which includes the base harness and the H442 Tamrac-compatible strap/buckle combo.
    • H717-C for UPstrap which includes the base harness and the H441 1-inch “Large” UPstrap-compatible male buckle/straps — it is NOT for the “Medium” UPstrap buckle.
    • H717-P for Peak Design which includes four additional Camera Anchors.
  3. H717-K, for a DSLR body only: If you plan use the X-Harness all the time to carry a DSLR not enclosed in a holster case (& you have no need for a conventional neck strap), then the get the H717-K package and then add a H435 for additional camera bodies.
  4. H717-H, for a holster case only. If you wish to keep your DSLR inside a holster case and have it attached to the X-Harness, then choose the H717-H package. If you already have a X-Harness and want to add a holster case, then purchase the H437 pair of straps.
Waist Belt: The H717 works independent of a waist belt. A belt will not help support it, but if you want more capacity you may add a waist belt like the B107, B108 etc. If you want additional support for a Kinesis waistbelt (i.e. suspenders) then consider the H163 adapter which attaches to the H717. 

    Field Report

    H717 fits female photog 5'0" weighing 105 lbs. (March 2008).

    Instructional Material

    H717 X-Harness Instruction Sheet (2-page PDF)

    H717 X-Harness Features Video

    H717 X-Harness Instructional Video


    Weight: 451 g (16 oz.) One size fits most. Fits people from about 155cm to 195cm (5'0" to 6'5") tall and chest size from about 66-122cm (26-48", possibly up to 50" chest).

    Many photographers already have a non-OEM (Canon, Nikon etc.) neck strap on their camera. We offer the following connection systems for the following brands of camera neck straps:

    Kinesis Quick-release System — This mates with other Kinesis products including the H435, H245 and Y303. It uses Duraflex® Stealth 20mm buckles with two female buckles attached to the camera. Breaking strength of each buckle is approx. 64 kg (140 lbs.)

    Op/Tech Classic or Pro — H717-A includes the H439 straps with Duraflex® Mojave 20mm buckles when a male and female attached to the camera. Breaking strength of each buckle is approx. 50 kg (110 lbs.).

    Tamrac — H717-B includes the H442 straps with Duraflex® Mojave 20mm buckles with two male buckles attached to the camera. Breaking strength of each buckle is approx. 50 kg (110 lbs.).

    UPstrap — H717-C includes the H438 Nexus® mil-spec 25mm (1") buckles with two female buckles attached to the camera. We are only offering the harness side buckles and not those attached to the camera. Be sure your UPstrap is the style with 1" (Large), not the 3/4" (Medium) quick-release buckles. Breaking strength of each buckle is approx. 135 kg (300 lbs.)

    Designed and Crafted in USA

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