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The back half of the pouch holds up to five filters. Photo shown with the divider tabs.
The back half of the pouch holds up to five filters.
Rear view of the F422
Optional Y208 strap can be clipped onto the bag for use over a shoulder or around a tripod (F169 shown).
This pouch can be attached to a tripod for convenient field (smaller F169 shown).
Size comparison of the F422 (back) and the F169.
F009 shown, F422 includes 6 white tabs
F422-X — X-Large Grad Filter Pouch Kit

F422-X — X-Large Grad Filter Pouch Kit

This product was specifically designed to hold a Wine Country Camera 150mm Master Filter & Holder filter adapter and up to five matching Wine Country Blackstone filters, but will work for other similar-sized filters.
  • This pouch has space in the back for up to five filters up to 170 x 192 x 4mm. The front half of the pouch has open space for one adapter, which is 205 x 205 x 33mm in size. 
  • It has a removable hand grab strap which can fit unto camera bag strap or around tripod (can be extended longer with the addition of the Y208 strap).
  • It utilizes the Kinesis Attachment Tab System (KATS) for attaching to a belt or for piggy-backing to larger cases. It will also attach to a non-Kinesis generic pants belt up to 50mm (2").
  • If you wish to have a smaller capacity pouch, consider purchasing the F169 which will hold 4–6 smaller filters.
  • The divider set is made from thin 2mm soft polyester fabric dividers and is removable.
  • The bag has an extra layer of 6mm closed-cell foam padding in the front and back.
  • Also included in this package:
    - To identify your filters, six “write on” I.D. Tabs are included (we recommend using an Extra Fine Sharpie).
    - One Y208 mini shoulder strap or extender strap.

Product Note

We have had a few isolated reports, after long term storage, of people getting a thin film or coating showing up on their filters. It is unclear whether this is an outgassing from the fabric of the divider, or simply humidity from storage in a non-watertight envelope. Our solution is to remove the inner divider (it Velcro’s to the bottom) and hand wash it with a tiny bit of dish soap (or run it on delicate cycle in your clothes washer). Rinse it well and then just let it drip dry, but do not run it through your clothes drier.


8.3h x 9w x 3.5d" O.D.
7.8h x 8.3w x 2.75d" I.D.
Volume (pouch w/o dividers) = 255 cu in
Weight = 11.6 oz.

21h x 23w x 9d cm O.D.
20h x 21w x 7d cm I.D.
Volume (pouch w/o dividers) = 4.2 L
Weight = 330 g

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa