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Back view with hand grab loop & KATS
A126 — Vertical Accessory Pouch
A126 — Vertical Accessory Pouch
A126 — Vertical Accessory Pouch
A126 — Vertical Accessory Pouch
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Holds most shoe-mount flash units

A126 — Vertical Accessory Pouch

Zippered pouch with minimal padding for shoe-mount flash units, small mirrorless cameras or light metersLightly padded pouch for shoe mount flash units & small cameras.

  • It features a horseshoe top zipper opening for quick access to main compartment, with second zippered compartment on the front panel.
  • Main zipper features weatherproof zipper.
  • Has a hand grab strap (which can be folded behind the pouch while on a belt).
  • Included is a pair of D-rings (for shoulder strap or for attaching to a tripod) and a belt loop for use on a generic belt.
  • Has the new KATS mounting system.
  • Medium padding (6mm closed cell foam) on the bottom and sides and light padding on the front and back (4mm open cell foam). 

Fits the Following...

Nikon SB-26, SB-28, SB-900, Canon 430 and 580 flash units. Fits most digital spot meters. It also will fit most mirrorless cameras and most megapixel digital cameras such as the Nikon Coolpix 700 or 900s and other compact digital’s from Canon, Minolta, Olympus etc. It will fit smaller rangefinder film cameras such as Contax G or Leica M's with smaller lenses attached.

Also consider the Kinesis F037 or F078 pouches for small light meters or cell phones (see related products in upper corner). 

Field Report

Nikon SB900 AF Speedlight: “It is a good fit without the diffusion dome on the Speedlight. It the dome is in place on the Speedlight, the zipper doesn’t quite close. The dome will have to be stowed in a different place. The bag is a good fit, but, I would be happy with a bit more padding around my SB900.” (Oct. 2008) 


Single-wide allotment on belt using KATS. 

7.75h x 3.75w x 2.75d" I.D.
Volume: 98 cu in
Weight: 4.2 oz 

20h x 9.5w x 7.0d cm I.D.
Volume: 1.2 lit
Weight: 119 g

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa