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F103 — Small Filter Belt Pouch
I.D. tabs shown with the old gray divider, now orange divider
Dated photo of the F103 pouch with KATS & hand grab loop (current version has a quick-release buckle on the webbing loop, see the next F169 photo).
Back side of the F169 showing the quick-release buckle strap — the F103 is similar but has no D-rings.
F103 — Small Filter Belt Pouch
The divider can be removed so the pouch can be used as a lens holder. There is a front slot for a lens cap or other accessory (dated photo with gray interior).
We’ve changed our logo! Old label on the left—new one on the right. Some current inventory may have old label.
F103 — Small Filter Belt Pouch
F103 — Small Filter Belt Pouch
F103 — Small Filter Belt Pouch

F103 — Small Filter Belt Pouch

Belt pouch for 8 round or rectangular 100x120mm (4x5") filters such as the Singh-Ray or Cokin P size filters.

  • Holds eight rectangular filters up to 100mm x 120mm (4x5") in size or eight round filters up to 95mm in diameter.
  • The F103 is composed of two products: the F102 “shell” pouch and a single padded insert or divider that can Velcro’s in place. With the divider removed, the F102 can be used as a stand alone pouch for small prime lenses or teleconverters. 
  • 9 white I.D. tabs is optional. Write on them your filter number and Velcro to the top of dividers. 
  • The sides, bottom and front panels are padded with 6mm closed-cell foam.
  • Some photogs like to keep their rectangular resin filters in the vinyl pouches, which will fit if the filter pouch is 100x120mm or smaller — otherwise consider the larger F169 Large Filter Pouch or the A200 Medium Accessory Pouch


Caution: We have had a few isolated reports that the liner of this bag was emitting a vapor, which has created a negligible amount of film on some rectangular filters (no reports of this problem with circular threaded filters). The solution is to remove the inner divider (it Velcro’s to the bottom) and hand wash it, and the pouch, with a tiny bit of dish soap (or run it on a delicate cycle in your clothes washer). Rinse it well and then just let it drip dry, but do not run it through your clothes drier.

4.5hx4.5wx3d" I.D.
Volume (w/ divider removed) = 61 cu in
Weight = 6.5 oz

12hx11.5wx7.5d cm I.D.
Volume (w/ divider removed) = 1.0 lit
Weight = 184 g  

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa