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F140 Notebook Pouch With Notebook
F140 Notebook Pouch


F140 — Notebook Pouch

This flat unpadded pouch is for stowing the often-carried “Reporter's Notebook.” Has two additional slots for pens and business cards.

This pouch is unique because it can be used alone on the belt OR it can be attached BEHIND (i.e. between an M330 and the belt) another double- or triple-wide pouch that uses our old TwinBuckle attachment method, thus not taking up valuable real estate on your belt. The pouch is cut wider than the notebook for quick access.

This pouch now fits a 6x9" Steno notepad (8/04 update).


Double-wide allotment on belt. (also fits behind any double- or triple-wide pouch).
Uses old TwinBuckle attachment.

Weight = 6.2 oz w/ notebook

21.5hx17w cm
Weight = 76 g w/ notebook

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa