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L311 w/o A257 Body Pouch
Rear/side view.
Hidden under a piece of webbing is a metal slider, for which a backpack harness attaches.
L311/L511 features explained.
We are transitioning to our new Kinesis Label. Products may have this new round label.
Mesh pocket with an elastic closure fits water bottles up to 1 liter in size.
Features found on most long lens cases (Discontinued L402 shown).
Add a monopod to the side of the case (old pocket shown).
L311 — Compact Long Lens Case 300 (w/ Y515 shoulder strap)
Attach a backpack harness to any long lens case (old style case).
Attach a T164 to the bottom (or left side) and add a Y204 strap to carry a tripod. Use a ballhead pouch to carry the tripod upside down instead of a T164.
L311 with optional L128 opened.
L311 with optional L128 Deep Lid (L228 custom adapter strap required)
Inside dimensions for the L311 & L511. 165mm = 6-½". 200mm = 7-⅞". 195mm = 7-⅝".
L311 with standard A257 Body Pouch Attached. Included shoulder strap is not shown in the foreground..

L311 — Compact Long Lens Case 300 (w/ Y515 shoulder strap)

Shoulder bag for a 300/2.8, 200-500/5.6 or 400/4 DO lens with a body attached and hood reversed. Also fits a 500/4 or 200-400/4 lens without a body attached and the hood in the reversed, stowed position.
42cm (16.5") I.D. Height

  • This case was designed for a 300/2.8 with a body attached, but will also hold other combinations. It is called a “compact” long lens case because the diameter is smaller than our PolyCore™ 300 case — it is too small for 400/2.8 and 600/4 lenses. It is also lighter in weight and offers less protection.
  • We have had a number of complaints because the front element of 200-400s, 400/4s and 300/2.8s get lost in the diameter of this case (the diameter is designed to house a full-sized pro body w/ a quick-release plate attached). We strongly advise purchasing the L029 Foam Insert (which reduces the diameter near the front element) or consider purchasing the E660 or E976 lens pouch instead.
  • Increase the height of your case — the L128 deep lid will fit these cases with a special L228 made-to-order adapter strap (the L128 was designed for the PolyCore series cases which utilize a removable lid, so this adaptation is little goofy).
  • Convert to a backpack with the addition of a H255 Backpack Harness & waistbelt.

Product Update: We have transitioned from a solid nylon fabric pocket (as shown in most product photos) to a mesh pocket as shown in the detail photo.

Compatible Lenses

  • 300/2.8 or 400/4 DO lens with any size DSLR body attached (w/ Arca-Swiss plate attached) & teleconverter with hood reversed (with leatherette cap on).
  • 500/4 or 200-400/4 lens without a body attached and the hood reversed in the stowed position.
  • 200/2 with body attached & hood extended
  • Nikon 200-500/5.6 with a body attached and with the hood reversed in the stowed position.
  • Sigma or Tamron 150-600 with the hood in the stowed position should fit inside this case (not confirmed), with a full-sized body attached (March 2015).

    External Attachment Options

    Lower Position 
    -One A257 or M330 can be attached in the lower center of the case. Another similar double-wide pouch can be attached above it, centered on the upper part of the case (although the bottom pouch may be difficult to access).

    - A double-wide pouch (A257, M330 etc.) can be attached to either side of the lower side of the case, but this attachment location is a little loose which may cause the pouch to shift around a little, unless secured with a Y205 strap.

    Back (flat) Side of the Case 
    - A double-wide pouch (A257, M330 etc.) can be attached to the lower back or flat part of the case, although this disables use of any backpack harness or may make using a shoulder strap awkward.

    Tripod Use  
    - Remove the A257 center pouch (shown in photo above) and replace it with a T164 or T317 pouch for attaching a tripod (see this page for pix). Attach a Y204 to the top of the case to hold the top part of the tripod. The A257 can then be reattached to the upper or lower part of the case, slightly off center.


    Double-wide allotment on belt or pack frame. (Realistically, this case is too large to conveniently wear on a belt). 

    16.5h x 7" dia I.D.
    18h x 9" dia O.D.
    Volume = 760 cu in
    Weight with A257 pouch & Y515 shoulder strap: 2 lbs. 0.5 oz.
    Weight w/o A257 or Y515: 1 lb. 6 oz.

    42h x 17.8cm dia I.D.
    45.5h x 23cm dia O.D.
    Volume = 12.5 lit
    Weight with A257 pouch & Y515 shoulder strap: 916g
    Weight w/o A257 or Y515: 676g

    I.D. = Inside Dimension | O.D. = Outside Dimension 

    The “dia” is the maximum diameter of the front element and/or lens cover that will fit inside this case. The circumference is 66cm (26") and measures the entire inside perimeter of the "D" shape of the case. It is larger than 3.14 times the diameter to allow extra room for the lens tripod foot.

    Designed & Crafted in USA

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