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T314 – Large Ball Head Pouch

T314 – Large Ball Head Pouch

Lightly padded pouch for a large tripod ballhead.

  • For larger heads like B1g and Foba ball heads.
  • Circular design with an open end which closes with a corded opening.
  • Designed to slip over a ball head while attached to a tripod or for storage.
  • Will not attach to a belt or pack.
  • Designed & Crafted in the USA
Note: There are too many heads to list every make and model so please, before e-mailing us with which model is right for you, simply measure your head and compare against specs below.


5" dia x 8.6" h When cinched down this model fits a ball head up to 7" tall.
Volume = 190 cu in
Weight = 3 oz

12.8cm dia x 22cm When cinched down this model fits a ball head up to 19cm tall.
Volume = 3.1 lit
Weight = 75 g

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa