Poly beads
Fill Only for SafariSack™
Fill Only for SafariSack™
Poly beads
Buckwheat Hulls
Buckwheat Hulls

Fill Only for SafariSack™

Buckwheat Hulls or Poly bead fill for SafariSack™ 4.2 and 1.4

  • Ground or “Standard” shipping rates are based on the price of the product as our website cannot calculate the extra amount for this. Please see this link for rates.
  • 1st Class International Shipping is NOT available on the Poly Bead fill for the R427 (4.2) SafariSack. Please email us for an estimate. 
  • We are not authorized to sell Git-Lite Premium Bag Fill without a bag. Visit their site for such a purchase.


The weights are for the filler only, excluding the weight of the sack, approximate.

SafariSack™ 1.4

Poly filler weight: 29 oz.
Buckwheat filler weight: 5.6 oz. approx.
Recommended fill volume: 85 cu in or 1.5 qts.

Poly filler weight: 826 g
Buckwheat filler weight: 156 g approx.
Recommended fill volume: 1.4 liters

SafariSack™ 4.2

Poly filler weight: 5 lbs. 3 oz.
Buckwheat filler weight: 18 oz.
Recommended fill volume: 260 cu in or 4.4 qts

Poly filler weight: 2.36 kg
Buckwheat filler weight: 516 g
Recommended fill volume: 4.2 liters

SafariSack™ 7.3

Poly filler weight: 8 lbs. 2 oz.
Buckwheat filler weight: not recommended
Recommended fill volume: 440 cu in or 7.7 qts

Poly filler weight (including the sack): 4.0 kg
Buckwheat filler weight: not recommended
Recommended fill volume: 7.3 liters

Our SKU Numbers

Buckwheat Fill for 1.4-size sack, SKU # R214 (+ $1.50*)
Poly Fill for 1.4-size sack, SKU # R114 (+ $3.50*)
Buckwheat Fill for 4.2-size sack, SKU R242 (+ $2.50*)
Poly Fill for 4.2-size sack, SKU # R142 (+ $5.00*)
Poly Fill for 7.3-size sack, SKU # R173 (+ $9.00*)

*Online pricing includes extra shipping fees due to the additional product weight. Will-call orders do not have this extra cost.