Poly beads
Poly beads
Buckwheat Hulls
Buckwheat Hulls

Fill Only for SafariSack™

Buckwheat Hulls or Poly bead fill for SafariSack™ 4.2 and 1.4

  • Ground or “Standard” shipping rates are based on the price of the product as our website cannot calculate the extra amount for this. Please see this link for rates.
  • 1st Class International Shipping is NOT available on the Poly Bead fill for the R427 (4.2) SafariSack. Please email us for an estimate. 


The weights are for the filler only, excluding the weight of the sack, approximate.

SafariSack™ 1.4

Poly filler weight: 29 oz.
Buckwheat filler weight: 5.6 oz. approx.
Recommended fill volume: 85 cu in or 1.5 qts.

Poly filler weight: 826 g
Buckwheat filler weight: 156 g approx.
Recommended fill volume: 1.4 liters

SafariSack™ 4.2

Poly filler weight: 5 lbs. 3 oz.
Buckwheat filler weight: 18 oz.
Recommended fill volume: 260 cu in or 4.4 qts

Poly filler weight: 2.36 kg
Buckwheat filler weight: 516 g
Recommended fill volume: 4.2 liters

SafariSack™ 7.3

Poly filler weight: 8 lbs. 2 oz.
Buckwheat filler weight: not recommended
Recommended fill volume: 440 cu in or 7.7 qts

Poly filler weight (including the sack): 4.0 kg
Buckwheat filler weight: not recommended
Recommended fill volume: 7.3 liters

Our SKU Numbers

Buckwheat Fill for 1.4-size sack, SKU # R214 (+ $1.50*)
Poly Fill for 1.4-size sack, SKU # R114 (+ $3.50*)
Buckwheat Fill for 4.2-size sack, SKU R242 (+ $2.50*)
Poly Fill for 4.2-size sack, SKU # R142 (+ $5.00*)
Poly Fill for 7.3-size sack, SKU # R173 (+ $9.00*)

*Online pricing includes extra shipping fees due to the additional product weight. Will-call orders do not have this extra cost.