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Y515 — Heavy-duty Shoulder Strap
Y515 — Heavy-duty Shoulder Strap
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Y515 — Heavy-duty Shoulder Strap
Y515 — Heavy-duty Shoulder Strap
Y515 — Heavy-duty Shoulder Strap

Y515 — Heavy-duty Shoulder Strap

Our heaviest shoulder strap featuring bombproof hardware on the ends.

  • This is a shoulder strap for carrying a bag over one shoulder (see H255 for backpack shoulder harnesses). The bottom side is sewn with rubberized-type fabric, a non-slip material that will stay on your shoulder. 
  • The top features our usual exterior fabric — 500D Cordura fabric. This is appropriate with products such as the S360, L-Series long lens cases (one Y515 is included with these products), E976, traditional shoulder camera bag, a duffel bag or backpack. 
  • Will also fit any C-Series holster case (simply rotate the D-Ring so the flat side is facing up). 
  • Adding a T100 to the Y515 converts it to a tripod strap (or just order the T515 instead).
  • We have personally tested this buckle and it holds full human body weight. Strong!

Overstock Note

We are overstocked on our eoGEAR shoulder straps (SKU 2601) and are selling them at a discount. They are the same as the Kinesis Y515 which we have sold for years, but uses Polypropylene webbing instead of nylon. This type of web was used because it dries quicker then nylon as this strap was designed for SUP (stand-up paddle boarding) applications used near lakes and the ocean, but still works fine for normal “day to day” use.


38mm (1-1/2") nylon webbing that is adjustable in length from 44.5 to 150cm (17.5" to 59").

The padded portion of this product measures 2.75x15" (7x39cm).
The Spring Snaphook clips to the flat portion of a 22mm (7/8") D-Ring (25mm / 1" will work, but it is a little sloppy).
For smaller loads, under approx. 5.5 kg (12 lbs.), consider the Y315 strap instead of the Y515.
Weight: 107 g (3.8 oz.)  

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa