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Version 2.0 instructions: Slip the clips over the webbing and then BE SURE to snap both sides closed, otherwise it will fail when weighted.
B590 set includes a “single-wide” and a “double-wide.”
Insert as shown with the slider flipped so it is underneath the fold of the webbing. Bowing the belt helps provide the necessary slack. Also visit our How To page for more details on using metal slider Twin Buckle system.
Version 1.0. Double-wide inserted through the in-between Uniloops, functioning as two single-wides.
Version 1.0. Double-wide inserted on top of the uniloops for double-wide use.
Version 1.0 with the Single-wide strap attached.
Version 2.0, for newer belts.
Version 2.0, for newer belts.
Version 2.0, for newer belts.

B590 — Generic Pouch to Kinesis Belt Adapter (pair)

This product is for attaching other manufacturers belt pouches to a Kinesis belt or to piggy-back one of their pouches onto many Kinesis cases.

Some of the tongues of these pouches are too wide to slide inside the 50mm (2") slots sewn on our belts, thus this product provides a wider slot to attach to.

  • Version 1 is for old style Kinesis belts (or many Heavy-duty belts which have not been changed) that have the nylon rectangular “Uniloop” sewn around the belt. The TwinBuckles™ of the these straps attach to the uniloops found on all Kinesis belts and cases. 
  • Version 2 is for current Kinesis Black Belts or some Heavy-duty belts that have been converted. The newer belts do not have the Uniloops surrounding them. 

See photos for instructional steps or visit this page to see the difference between belts. 


Version 1.0: Includes a single-wide (10cm / 4") and a double-wide (21cm / 8.25") strap.

Version 2.0: Includes a pair of straps that are both 11cm (4-1/4") wide.

Designed and Crafted in USA

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