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T168 — Monopod Holster Pouch
T168 — Monopod Holster Pouch
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T168 — Monopod Holster Pouch

T168 — Monopod Holster Pouch

Shoot with a monopod attached to your waist belt for action sports.

The design is patterned after the classic marching-band flag pole carriers. It will hold the bottom of a monopod when shooting moving objects — it is especially useful panning while shooting motor sports.


  • Single-wide allotment on belt.
  • Will attach to other belts ONLY if the belt can be fed through the 50mm-wide (2") slot.
  • Accommodates a monopod base diameter up to 42mm (1.65").
  • If you wish to attach this to a H717 or H700 harness, select the T166 instead.

Overall height: 6.3"

Overall height: 16cm

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa