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A131 w/ optional Nalgene ATB bottle
A131 bottom
A131 with optional Nalgene Wide Mouth bottle
This pouch has a pair of KATS tabs (Velcro MOLLE-like tabs) for attaching to a Kinesis belt, but is also has an open sleeve behind it for slipping over a non-Kinesis backpack belt.
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A131 — Kinesis Bottle Pouch 1 L
A131 — Kinesis Bottle Pouch 1 L
A131 — Kinesis Bottle Pouch 1 L


A131 — Kinesis Bottle Pouch 1 L

Special Overstock Pricing

Insulated pouch for the traditional Nalgene 1-liter wide-mouth water bottles. The pouch also fits smaller disposable bottles too. It can also be used as a battery holder.

  • Insulated water bottle pouch with 3/8" (10mm) closed cell foam insulation on the sides.
  • Has sewn-in hand-grab loop & generic belt loop for use with an eoGEAR, Kinesis belt or non-Kinesis belt. The belt loop on back is larger than most Kinesis pouches; it is 17cm [5.75"] tall and fits over heavily-padded backpack belts.
  • Webbing rabbit-ear loops on top for attaching an optional shoulder strap.
  • Bottle secures with Velcro strap over the top — this strap can be tucked out of the way by attaching to a special piece of Velcro loop on the inside surface of the pouch.
  • Holds up to 1L bottle up to 90mm (3-½") in diameter.


Single-wide allotment on belt. Uses KATS for attaching to belt or piggy-backing to larger cases.

6.75h x 4" dia I.D.
Volume = 80 cu in
Weight = 2.6 oz (empty pouch)

17h x 9.5cm dia I.D.
Volume = 1.3 lit
Weight = 74 g (empty pouch)

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa