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KATS, easier to use than the TwinBuckle system.
The lens pouch has a hand grab strap (as shown on the E280).

E660 — XX-Large Lens Pouch II

Our most common size case for 300/2.8 lenses without a body attached.

  • The E660 is for a Canon 200/2, 300/2/8 IS, 400/4 DO IS or Nikon 300/2.8 with the hood in the stowed position and with the leatherette cap in place.
  • Also holds the Nikon 200-500/5.6 with room to spare (the E584 provides a better, snug fit).
  • This pouch is a slightly larger (increased diameter) version of the E584. This is in response to complaints from some Canon shooters, who found this case to be a little tight for their 300/2.8s.
  • This is a compact alternative to our Long Lens Cases, which are designed to hold a lens and a body together. This case is lined with 10mm closed-cell foam. The bottom has a tough 13mm PolyCore™ insert, which is same material used in the side-walls of our PolyCore™ long lens cases.
  • The Y315 Shoulder strap is recommended for this pouch.

Note: Because of the snug fit on this pouch, if you want to carry a 300/2.8 attached to a waist belt, consider the E870 pouch instead. Here's why: if you wear the E660 on your hip, then the bow or curvature of your body protrudes into the case, making it hard to remove the lens (not to mention it is uncomfortable). If you can position the case near your back, then the E660 would work OK on a waistbelt.

Field Reports

  • Canon 400/4 DO lens: “I thought that you might like to know that it fits this lens beautifully with the leatherette lens cap on -- it's nicely snug but not overly tight at all. It's just the right diameter to hold it securely while still being just wide enough that the lens slides in more or less under it's own weight (which isn't a lot on a DO!) without having to force it in. I bought a lens case from you because the Lowepro Lenscase 5 that the dealer threw in with my 400 DO didn't actually fit! — well it did with the hood and cap off, but that's not much use! And that's the biggest lens case that Lowepro makes!!” (May 2007)
  • “The Canon 200/2 fits well in the case, but since it is shorter than the 300, there is 2.5” between the lens and the top when closed. Ideally, it would go in a case which is a little less deep, but it certainly fits well width wise.” (May 2009)
  • Manfrotto 526 Video Head: “The E660 works well." (May 2013)


Double-wide allotment on belt.

11.5 x 6" dia I.D.*
Vol = 400 cu in
Weight = 10 oz.

29.5h x 15.2cm dia I.D.*
Vol = 6.6 lit
Weight = 287g

The Outside Dimension (O.D.) of this case is approx. 25mm (1") more than the I.D.

*The I.D. is the maximum diameter of the front element and/or lens cover that will fit inside bag without distorting it. A lens with a 16.5cm (6-1/2") diameter will fit, but it will bulge out the flat side of the pouch. The circumference is 52cm (20.5") which measures the entire inside perimeter of the "D" shape of the case. It is larger than 3.14 times the diameter to allow extra room for the lens tripod foot.

Designed and Crafted in USA

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