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F103 — Small Filter Belt Pouch
I.D. tabs shown with the old gray divider, now orange divider
Dated photo of the F103 pouch with KATS & hand grab loop (current version has a quick-release buckle on the webbing loop, see the next F169 photo).
Back side of the F169 showing the quick-release buckle strap — the F103 is similar but has no D-rings.
F103 — Small Filter Belt Pouch
The divider can be removed so the pouch can be used as a lens holder. There is a front slot for a lens cap or other accessory (dated photo with gray interior).
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F103 — Small Filter Belt Pouch

F103 — Small Filter Belt Pouch

Belt pouch for 8 round or rectangular 100x120mm (4x5") filters such as the Singh-Ray or Cokin P size filters.

  • Holds eight rectangular filters up to 100mm x 120mm (4x5") in size or eight round filters up to 95mm in diameter.
  • The F103 is composed of two products: the F102 “shell” pouch and a single padded insert or divider that can Velcro’s in place. With the divider removed, the F102 can be used as a stand alone pouch for small prime lenses or teleconverters. 
  • 9 white I.D. tabs is optional. Write on them your filter number and Velcro to the top of dividers. 
  • The sides, bottom and front panels are padded with 6mm closed-cell foam. 
NOTE: Some photogs like to keep their rectangular resin filters in the vinyl pouches, which will only fit if the filter pouch is 100x120mm or smaller — otherwise consider the larger F169 Large Filter Pouch or the A200 Medium Accessory Pouch instead.


KATS Space Occupied: 1.0 modules (the horizontal space required by the Kinesis Attachment Tab System [KATS] on a Kinesis belt or case).

4.5hx4.5wx3d" I.D.
Volume (w/ divider removed) = 61 cu in
Weight = 6.5 oz

12hx11.5wx7.5d cm I.D.
Volume (w/ divider removed) = 1.0 lit
Weight = 184 g  

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa