SafariSack™ 4.2
Khaki top with a black bottom or all black.
SafariSack™ 4.2
SafariSack™ 4.2
With Y215 Unpadded shoulder strap.
Saddlebag Style — note the gusset on the side.
Attached to a Tripod
SafariSack™ 4.2
Poly beads
Buckwheat Hulls
Saddlebag style on a car door. Raising the window a little bit helps stabilize it.
Shoot with it flat on top of a vehicle.
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SafariSack™ 4.2
Flat Style — all black color.
Flat Style — all black color.

SafariSack™ 4.2

This rugged bean bag is for supporting a DSLR, mirrorless or video camera on a vehicle, car window, chair, table, tree limb, fence post or on the ground. It is quicker to use than a tripod. The bag has a zippered compartment for a filler, such as polyethylene beads, buckwheat hulls, rice, beans etc.

    • The bottom has a rubberized-style fabric that keeps the sack in place when placed on a vehicle or other slick surface.
    • Drape the 4.2 over the edge of a partially raised car window, and you have a steady camera support.
    • On the safari, it is often used in the flat mode, on top of the Land Rover. With the sewn-in quick-release strap, it can be securely fastened to the rack on the top of the vehicle.
    • Shooters traveling abroad take the empty version and fill it locally with rice, beans or bird seed. Then, upon completion of the shoot, dump the contents, returning home with a empty, compact bag.
    • Constructed of a combination of 400-denier and 420-denier Diamond Ripstop nylon fabrics. These tough fabrics are supplemented by SlipNot, a rubberize-type fabric.
    • Sewn-in hand grab strap. Also use the Y208 (sold as an “add-on”) will clip to the hand strap of this bag extending it for use when you want to use it as longer tie down to the top of a vehicle or as a narrow (20mm) shoulder strap.

    The SafariSack™ 4.2 can be used in three modes:

    1. Flat, to support a camera on the ground or on top of a Land Rover or other vehicle.
    2. Saddlebag style, by using the two cinch straps for the “folded-in-half” position. (In this mode we recommend only filling the bag about 2/3 full). A camera can be snugly cradled on top, when the bag is placed over a car window or used on the ground for additional elevation.
    3. Ballast, adding one of two sacks to your tripod increases stability when using long lenses or in windy conditions. Filled with sand or water, it can be used as a weight to stabilize light stands or booms.

      2014 Update Features

      The original SafariSack™ has been in production for over 15 years. It has been duplicated by others, but as they say, “copying is the best form of flattery.” In 2014 we made the following changes to this timeless design:

      • A side gusset, providing a thicker volume of beads when folded over saddlebag style
      • A slightly smaller overall profile, yet thicker where it counts in the center
        Instead of stitching the rubberized-type fabric end to end with the nylon fabric, we have overlaid it on top of the nylon fabrics for much stronger seams and less chance of blow outs.
      • Now available in khaki or the classic black (the bottoms are black on both models).
      • Slightly rounded ends for easier handling.
      • D-rings on the ends for easier carrying over the shoulder with an optional shoulder strap.
      • A new smaller sack for shorter glass...the 1.4 model.

      Filler Notes

      If you want to purchase your own poly beads, they can be obtained at a hobby or craft store (i.e. Walmart, Hobby Lobby or Michaels). Poly beads are often used as doll filler or in making stuffed animals. Retail cost at Walmart is about $10 to $13 for 6 lbs. Rice, beans, bird seed, millet and cat litter are alternative fillers. Buckwheat hulls are also sold as "organic mulch" from garden suppliers. 

      Lately (starting in 2019), the buckwheat hulls we have been receiving from our supplier, have been very dusty, which seeps through the seams and zipper. 

      The filler will make the inside of the bag dirty. It can be inverted and hand washed if desired. Drip dry. 


        Flat dimensions: 9.4 x 15.7"
        Empty weight: 5.0 oz.
        Poly filled weight (including the sack): 5 lbs. 8 oz. approx.
        Buckwheat filled weight (including the sack): 23 oz. approx.
        Recommended fill volume: 260 cu in or 4.4 qts

        Flat dimensions: 24 x 40 cm
        Empty weight: 144 g
        Poly filled weight (including the sack): 2.5 kg approx.
        Buckwheat filled weight (including the sack): 660 g approx.
        Recommended fill volume: 4.2 liters

        SKU Numbers

        Empty SafariSack 4.2:
        Black # R427-K
        Khaki # R427-H

        Buckwheat Filled SafariSack 4.2:
        Black # R428-K (+$1.50*)
        Khaki # R428-H (+$1.50*)

        Poly Filled SafariSack 4.2:
        Black # R429-K (+$3.50*)
        Khaki # R429-H (+$3.50*)

        *The prices shown on our site includes additional shipping fees for filled sacks; will-call orders or Amazon prime orders will not have this extra expense.

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