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Optional travel container
Paceline Chamois BUTT’r
Paceline Chamois BUTT’r
Paceline Chamois BUTT’r

Paceline Chamois BUTT’r


  • Standard 8 oz. tube
  • Paceline Chamois BUTT'r is the number one choice for cyclists who use a skin lubricant and chamois cream to improve riding comfort.
  • Chamois BUTT'r prevents the uncomfortable rubbing and chafing that most cyclists experience when sitting on their saddle. Why put up with discomfort? Use Chamois BUTT'r!
  • Chamois BUTT'r is a non-greasy skin lubricant that improves riding comfort. It washes off your skin and out of your shorts easily with soap and water! It leaves your skin feeling better after you use it.
  • Take a smaller quantity on the road or trail with a vial from our Personal Care Kit


Net weight: 227 g (8 oz.)
eoGEAR SKU # 5934-008
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Specifications of optional travel container

25 x 36mm dia. (1" x 1.41" dia.) Part of brevet Kit.

FDA compliant Clarified Polypropylene.

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