Two straps and buckles are provided. The left one is for the front. Review our Instruction or “How To” page on ”sliders” as you will need to attach the loose buckles to the webbing.
Front detail: remove your existing strap & replace it with this long strap. Be sure to double back the webbing through the “slider” buckle as per the webbing on the right.
Rear detail: add the back adapter strap to the pig tail on the top/rear of your harness.
Photo: courtesy J. Tether
Photo: courtesy J. Tether
Photo: courtesy J. Tether

H158 — 2nd Camera Body Strap for H717 X-Harness

Carry a 2nd or 3rd DSLR camera body on your H717-K or H717-J X-Harness or carry a DSLR to the side, instead of in front as the H717 was originally designed to do.

Attaches to the rear and front of the harness, thus carrying this second body on your side, well below your armpit. We can also configure it so you can carry a camera on both sides and/or one or none in front.

This only works when you are using the Kinesis quick-release buckle system (H435) attached to the lugs of your camera body, but can be made for other brands upon request (Tamrac, UPstrap etc.).

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa