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Threading diagram. Note that the concave bar on slider #1 should face towards the webbing. The loose end of the webbing can be tucked into slider #2.
A pair of H435s will also attach to the slotted lugs on your long lens (instead of to your DSLR or mirrorless body).
Attaches to the H436 on the H717 Harness
Camera with “slotted lugs” for attaching strap.
Camera with round lugs which require a metal O-ring. The webbing is then fed through the O-ring.
Camera with round lugs but it also comes with a triangular adapter for the webbing found on all neck straps (i.e. no need to order our round O-rings).
H431 O-rings (some cameras come standard with a nicer triangular-shaped adapter, in which case this is not necessary).
H435 (sold as a pair)
H435 (sold as a pair)
H435 (sold as a pair)

H435 — Kinesis Camera Adapters

Standard Kinesis female camera connection buckles.

  • Pair, 2 female buckle ends.
  • Standard Kinesis female camera connection buckle (20mm / 3/4") ending in 10mm web.
  • A pair is included with H675 neck strap.
  • Purchase one pair for each camera body or long lens (the lens must have a pair of slotted lugs...see photo).
  • Mates with male buckles found on:
    - H432
    - H436 (which attach to a H717 or H255 harness)
    - Y303 Pouch to Generic Pack Adapter
  • Adjusts from 5cm to 26cm (2" to 10-1/4").
NOTE: some point-n-shoot cameras have 6mm (1/4") round lugs instead of elongated slots. These cameras sometimes come with a much cooler triangular adapter for a neck strap webbing—if not, order the optional, but free (with purchase) H431 O-ring set. See photos for clarification.
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