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H441 Harness to UPstrap camera strap

H441 — Harness to UPstrap Camera Straps (pair, 2 male straps/buckles)

Integrate a 1" (25mm) UPstrap no-slip camera neck strap with the Kinesis harness system.

  • 25mm (1") Mil-Spec male buckle mates to a female side of an UPstrap “Large” Rapid Release strap which is attached to your DSLR.
  • Will not work with the UPstrap “Medium” 3/4" Rapid Release” system — order the H442 instead.
  • Attach to any Kinesis harness (H717, H344, H245 or H255).
  • 300 lb. tensile strength. 33cm (13") long.
Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa