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his unit pulls apart enough to place over the neck of your lens. Secures with Velcro.
L026 — Foam Doughnut
L026 — Foam Doughnut
L026 — Foam Doughnut

L026 — Foam Doughnut

Foam doughnut to stabilize the upper part of the lens just below the camera body.

This thickly padded foam doughnut or collar wraps around the neck of the lens and Velcro’s back to itself. Generally speaking, you attach this to the lens first, and then insert the lens into the case.

  • When used with a “2-series” diameter case (i.e. L321, L522 or L622) it provides an opening between 7cm (2.75") and about 9cm (3.5")
  • When used with the L311, L511 or L611, the inside diameter is fixed at 7cm (2.75") in diameter
  • It is constructed with 32mm (1.25") thick closed-cell foam and covered with gray nylon oxford cloth
  • Will not fit inside the E976 XXX-Large Lens Pouch
Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa