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Instructions for using the SKS Adapter used on many eoGEAR SeatBags™

Many eoGEAR “SeatBags” (not the RandoBag series) mount to the saddle and/or seatpost using an adapter made by SKS-Germany. This adapter, simply called the “SKS Adapter” is included and attached to each bag and is bolted to the bag. The instruction card that comes with the product doesn’t indicate clearly how to use it.
First, attach this adapter to your saddle as per the steps below, and then secondarily, attach the Velcro straps to the rails of your saddle. The majority of the weight should be on this seatpost clamp, NOT on the Velcro  seat rail straps.

1. Adjust the length of loose end of the webbing strap so it fits snugly around your seatpost. This is a trial and error process, but only takes a minute or two (photo below).

2. Wrap the strap around your post and using the cam buckle or lever, clamp it shut as shown below. This buckle needs to have a LOT of tension on it and should snap shut with audible click. If the strap is too loose, readjust the length as needed. The adapter is secure enough for use on road bikes and also cyclocross or adventure bikes when used off-round on gravel or dirt roads. Because it is made from Delrin (a high-tech plastic) with a rubber gasket, it is safe to use on carbon-fiber posts.

3. After you get it adjusted where you like it slip the rubber O-ring over the loose end of the webbing, so it doesn’t come out of adjustment when you remove the bag from your bicycle (not shown). That also keeps this strap and buckle from popping loose.

4. Finally, if you wish to adjust the angle of the bag on the bike, press in the gray button on the side of the adapter and rotate as desired.

When using this adapter on super thin aero seatpost (above), a foam adapter must be used along with a custom-made extra-long strap (we can supply on a custom basis). Sometimes, with such a post, the clamp may not stay shut, so a rubber O-ring must be used. Use one that is 28-32mm in diameter (1-1/8 to 1¼").