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Large Outdoor Designs Rucksack Cover similar to our Podsac cover

Backpack Rain Covers

Rain & dust covers protect your backpack or long lens case with a harness.
  • Protects backpacks from rain and mud.
  • Designed to cover a backpack (or long lens case with harness) while being worn--covers the back of your pack, leaving the harness side open.
  • Constructed from ripstop or siliconized nylon with elasticized opening.
  • Zero seam construction stops entry of water through seams.
  • Built-in, attached, stuff sack.

Specifications for Podsac Brand

Assorted earth-tone colors, no choice (teal, rust or black).

Fits packs up to 45 liter (2750 cu in) such as Kinesis P450 Journeyman pack (with minimal outside piggy-backed pouches). Also fits Kinesis E976, L311, L321 or L511 long lens cases with one or two piggy-backed pouches. Fits packs up to approx. 57h x 36w x 23d cm (22h x 14w x 9d" ) O.D.

Fits 45-65 liter (2750-3970 cu in) packs like the P450 Journeyman pack with several outside piggy-backed pouches. Also fits Kinesis L522 long lens case (with one add-on pouch like the A257 or E280). Fit packs up to approx. 60h x 38w x25d cm (24h x 15w x 10d ", which is about the max. U.S. airline carry-on) O.D.
Weight (verified): 86 g (3 oz.) including built-in stuff sack

Fits 65-85 liter (3970-5200 cu in) packs and Kinesis Heavy-duty pack frames up to approx. this size: 72h x 38w x 25d cm (28h x 15w x 10d") O.D. Also fits Kinesis L522 (with two or more add-on pouches) or L611 or L622 long lens case with perhaps one pouch attached. 

Designed in the UK and made in China