Specs for elete tablytes and Hammer E-caps.
elete Dropper Bottle
elete Dropper Bottle
elete Dropper Bottle

elete Dropper Bottle


  • Dropper bottle filled with liquid elete — this bottle is easily refilled with the economy refill bottle for the best combination of convenience and value.
  • Beverage add-in. Add to either flavored drinks or water.
  • The cap acts as an easy to use measuring tool for dosing with sports bottles as well as hydration packs.
  • When added to water, elete™ does not significantly alter the taste of water.
  • Add to water in hydration bladders — will not discolor, stain or harm reservoirs.
  • One serving (mixed with 1 liter / 32 oz. of water) contains the following “four key electrolyte” ingredients: 390 mg Chloride & 125 mg Sodium (i.e. salt), 45 mg Magnesium, and 130 mg Potassium. Additional ingredients: 10 mg Phosphorus & 20 mg Sulfate. elete liquid doesn’t contain calcium like the elete tablets. 


Size: 24.6 ml (.86 oz.) which makes ten 1-liter (32 oz.) servings
eoGEAR SKU # 5118-002
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