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Wide view attached to a drop-bar road or gravel bike.
Rear view
For use in bikepacking, add on a pair of nylon straps.
6.8 bag attached (SKU 3468)
RollTop RandoBag 8.2 show attached to the bracket (SKU 2282).
Zippered RandoBag 2.3-DT bag shown
Consider a Morsa mounting arm for both your GPS and your light & angle it up above your handlebar bag.
Suggested location for a GPS when using a handlebar bag.
Possible accessory for relocating a GPS when using a handlebar bag.
Possible solution for mounting a GPS when using a handlebar bag.
This accessory by Minoura allows use of a GPS or lights up higher, out of the way of most handlebar bags.
eoGEAR Clamp-on Handlebar Bracket

eoGEAR Clamp-on Handlebar Bracket


  • This product converts any eoGEAR RandoBag to a handlebar bag by using the Dual-Tabs System (DTS), i.e. pair of Velcro straps exclusively found on RandoBags, but not found on eoGEAR SeatBags™.
  • Bags that will attach include:
    - Zippered RandoBag 6.8 (# 2268)
    - Rolltop RandoBag 8.2 (# 2282)
    - Zippered RandoBag 2.3-DT (# 2223)
    - Piggy-back Pocket (# 2125)
    - Plus several discontinued models with the DTS
  • It consists of a single piece of aluminum sewn between a layer of 420-denier Ripstop nylon. An alloy clamp is bolted onto the plate in two places with a pair of allen screws.
  • eoGEAR SeatBags™ cannot be used with this bracket because they do not use the DTS system.
  • This bracket is superior to the Soft-side Handlebar Adapter (#2354) as it keeps the bottom of the bag from swinging underneath the stem and onto the head tube. 
  • Note: the alloy clamp has rubber pads on it, but it still may scratch the finish of some bars. It is not recommended for use with carbon fiber handlebars.

Cautionary Notes for GPS & Light Use

Most handlebar bags (especially those attached to the Clamp-on Handlebar Adapter) block the use of an “out front” GPS, so consider relocating it onto the stem. Also, these same bags block use of handle-bar mounted lights. Consider mounting your light below the bag on the fork (best) or above the bag on a stem accessory like the Delta Computer Caddy (see the last series of photos on the 6.8 product page).

Instructional Video


Fits alloy handlebars with a diameter of 25.4 to 31.8mm
Sewn between the fabric layers is a lightweight, but stiff sheet of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum which is 184 x 120mm (4.75 x 7.25") in size.
The distance of offset from the center of the bracket to the center of the clamp is 32mm.
When using the optional Handlebar Bracket Strap set (SKU 2457), it will hold a bag or sack up to 25cm (10") in diameter. Larger straps upon request. Beware that if your load is too wide, it may interfere with STI shifters.

Weight: 206 g (7.3 oz.)
eoGEAR SKU # 2323-K01
made in usa