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Detail shot showing the pair of adhesive Velcro strips which you attach to your bars to hold the cue sheet in place.
Not included, but recommended, is a Cue Clip
Cue sheet preparation steps are outlined in text. Glue stick & tools are NOT included.
eoGEAR Cue Sheet Holder for Aerobars — DISCONTINUED
Optional Cue Clip
Aerobar cue sheet holder
Aerobar cue sheet holder
Aerobar cue sheet holder

eoGEAR Cue Sheet Holder for Aerobars — DISCONTINUED


  • Mount your cue sheets up front with a “one size fits all” Velcro-type strap (Omni-tape), providing an easy and and safe viewing angle
  • Different than the CueClip which places your cue sheet behind your handle bars —- this places the cue sheet on top of your aerobars
  • Includes two vinyl envelopes, strap and clip
  • The pouch is completely removable, so it can be replaced when worn out.
  • Also included are two strips of adhesive Velcro strips which can be secured to edges of your bars which keep the straps from sliding around.
  • The vinyl envelope is clear and doesn't appear cloudy like many ZipLoc bags (includes 2 envelopes)

Richard’s Recommendation

After testing over a dozen of different types of ZipLoc bags, vinyl zipper pouches & pencil-binder pouches, the conclusion was that a 5x7-inch envelope was the best all-around size, but we do offer the larger size for occasions when you just want a little more space.

Preparation Steps

Do at home before the brevet.
1. Download the Excel or PDF files for your brevet. Print the pages so the type fits into a 4-1/2" (11.5cm) column. You may need to reduce the printing size so relevant information doesn't get cut off.
2. Cut up the printed cue sheet pages so you only have “complete legs” on each page. That way you don’t have to try to flip a page while riding! See photo #3 above.
3. Use blank sheets of paper (cut to 4-1/2x 6-3/4" / 11.5x17cm), take a glue stick or spray adhesive and adhere your cut-up cue pages to each blank sheet.
4. Number each sheet with a page number. Insert into pouch & tuck under flap. See photo #4 above.


Approx. Weight: 53 g (1.9 oz.) excluding blank pages for the 5x7"
5x7" Usable Size: 4-3/4x7" (12 x 18cm) with outside dimensions as 5-1/8x9" (13 x 22.9cm)
6x9" Usable size: 5-3/4x9" (15 x 22.9cm) with outside dimensions as 6-1/8 x 11-1/8" (15.5 x 28cm)
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