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eoGEAR Highboy Dual-mount Saddle Bracket
Note that the setback of the saddle determines the angle of the bracket. This saddle has a lot, consequently, the bracket is more tilted.
Accessories can be lashed onto the bracket (“Standard Bracket” shown) with one or two tie straps.
eoGEAR Highboy Dual-mount Saddle Bracket

eoGEAR Highboy Dual-mount Saddle Bracket


  •  This bracket is much faster to attach or detach compared to the Highboy “L” Bracket, so it is useful for those switching back and forth
  • This bracket attaches at two points to your bicycle. One point is clamp (made by SKS in Germany) which attaches to your round post. Additionally, there is pair of straps which secure the upper part of the “backboard” to the rails of your saddle.
  • Constructed of tough 420-denier Ripstop fabric with a rigid aircraft aluminum (6061-T6) stiffening backboard sewn on the inside.
  • This model provides more clearance above the rear tire than the Standard Dual-mount Bracket.
  • This model has two attachment heights, so you can attach your bag higher or slightly lower for more stability, hence the name “Universal.”

Bag Compatibility

  • Note that the setback of the saddle determines the angle of the bracket. If the saddle has a lot (as in the photos shown), the bracket is more tilted. Because of this, this bracket may not be suitable for use with the 6.8 Rando Zip bag because the outside pocket becomes less accessible.
  • This bracket fits any eoGEAR RandoBag sold since April 2012. (All RandoBags have pair of sewn-in DTS [Dual-tab System Velcro tabs] on the back side).

Saddle & Frame Compatibility

This adapter mounts to the seatpost and rails of most saddles. Your seatpost MUST be round, not oval, on the back side.

To determine which saddle bracket is best for your size bike frame, visit this page. Frames smaller than 56cm may not work with this saddlebag system as the bag may rub on the rear wheel.*

WARNING: We have received some customer feedback that in certain circumstances, the back of your legs may barely rub against the bag, when used with this bracket. This is usually due to a saddle that is set very far forward on the post and with a smaller bicycle frames (i.e. 50-52cm).


Weight: 261 g (9.2 oz.)

Includes: Aluminum backboard attached to a SKS Water Bottle Adapter.

Backboard designed & made in USA — SKS adapter made in Germany

eoGEAR SKU # 2320-K02

made in usa