Shown with the Ultimate Direction soft pouch with hose.
Back view of the harness. It is very flat so a backpack can be comfortably worn on top of it.
Components w/o props.
600 mL (20 oz.) bike bottle shown
500 mL Nalgene bottle with rigid straw
Ultimate Direction 500 mL flask
UltraAspire 500 mL flask shown
Empty w/o props or GPS adapter
eoGEAR Hydra Chest Harness
The 0.8 Bottle Pouch (or any other pouch with dual tabs on the back) can be attached to the rear of the harness for extra capacity.
Hydra Harness shown with optional gear including a GPS watch, smartphone & water pouch.

eoGEAR Hydra Chest Harness


This hydration chest pack was designed for ski mountaineering (aka SkiMo), alpine skiing and SUP (stand-up paddleboarding). It is also useful for hiking or trail running. 

  • The chest module has three pockets—
    - Zippered gusseted pocket (lower right when worn): for an avalanche beacon, snacks, point & shoot camera &/or car keys
    - Zippered slip pocket (upper right): for a smartphone (there is a think piece of closed-cell foam between the two right pockets)
    - Mesh pocket (left): for a hydration container; it has an elastic drawcord
  • This kit includes the 2707 Hydra Chest Module attached to the 2581 Rear Y-Harness (which has 25mm/1" over-the-shoulder webbing).
  • Also included is a slot for mounting your GPS or fitness watch in front. This is useful when skiing with gloves with long gauntlets which typically covers your GPS. Also very helpful for SUP as it is difficult to view a watch on your wrist when paddling.
  • The chest module is adjustable vertically with cam buckle (that doesn’t slip out of adjustment).
  • The torso strap of the Y-Harness has elastic built-in to provide some “give” while exercising and breathing hard.
  • The base price DOES NOT include hydration container, which will be available separately. Send us an e-mail to inquire about availability.

For Skiing Use: One problem with backcountry skiing is that your water bottle is buried in your pack and inaccessible. Carrying it on the outside of the pack, typically on the left shoulder strap as with skimo racers, is problematic as the bottle can freeze. Also, some bottle or bladder bite-valves freeze, so consider one with a push/pull valve like the old-style bike bottles.
Carrying a smartphone for taking photos in an outside pocket of a jacket quickly kills the battery life. Placing both of these elements near your chest alleviates this problem. And since most skiers carry a beacon on their body, my thought was “let’s combine everything together” — this product replaces the beacon harness customarily carried. For alpine skiing, nutrition can be placed in the beacon pocket as a beacon is not typically used for in-bound skiing or boarding.
Beacon Warning: most experts agree that having a smartphone in normal operating mode does not interfere with beacon transmission (i.e. if you were to be buried), but may interfere when it is in search mode. We recommend putting your phone in airplane mode if/when a search is necessary...or place your phone in your backpack, some 20cm away from your beacon.

For SUP Use: If your smartphone is IPX 6/7 rated you can carry it in the phone compartment without fear as it is designed to take repeated dunkings. The larger zippered pocket can be used to stow nutrition, car keys etc. Typically a flask with a straw is best for SUP, so one can drink hands free.

For Running Use: The larger zippered pocket is used to stow nutrition, car keys etc. Typically a flask or a bottle with or without a straw can be used.



Fits a typical-sized avalanche beacon, nutrition, a moderate-sized smartphone (up to 75x150mm / 3x5-3/4" in size, a 2018 iPhone X shown) and a hydration container up to 650 mL (20 oz.), including most bike bottles.

Product photos are shown with metal zipper pulls. Final productional models will have a non-corrosive plastic zipper pull (needed feature for those paddling in the ocean).

Outside Dimensions 

Fits most athletes...
...from about 165cm to 196cm (5' 5" to 6' 5")

eoGEAR SKU # 2707-KIT

made in usa