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The belt has 10 slots or daisy-chain openings for slipping the MATS-style pouch (Modular Attachment Tab System).
This belt is designed to hold the 0.7 bottle pouch (Pouch not included)
Bottle pouch not included
The belt has a quick-release buckle that can be opened with gloved hands.

eoGEAR Minimalist Waist Belt / Gray + Black


This is a very lightweight waist belt that is part of the eoHYDRATION pack system. This belt can also be used to convert an eoGEAR Randobag into a 'fanny pack'.

  • Constructed of 25mm-wide (1-inch) webbing
  • Designed as a stand-alone product and for attaching water bottles for use in running or SUP racing
  • Not needed if you are using a reservoir module as it has a belt built in.


Weight: 89 g (3.2 oz.)

Size: fits most waists from approx. 55cm to 102cm (22" to 40")

Has ten DTS slots for attaching pouches (Dual Tab System)

eoGEAR SKU # 2583-G00

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa