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eoGEAR Supersize “L” Saddle Bracket
Accessories can be lashed onto the bracket (“Standard Bracket” shown) with one or two tie straps.
Two bags will mount simultaneously for max. capacity. 2.2 shown, also works with the newer 2.3 bag.
Side view. Note webbing loops for attaching “under the saddle” bags.
Our saddle brackets can also be mounted upside down for other applications (it creates a small shelf). This is the highboy reversed mounted.
A spare tire or other small items can be mounted under the L-Bracket.
eoGEAR Supersize “L” Saddle Bracket
eoGEAR Supersize “L” Saddle Bracket
eoGEAR Supersize “L” Saddle Bracket
eoGEAR Supersize “L” Saddle Bracket

eoGEAR Supersize “L” Saddle Bracket


  • The Supersize Saddle Bracket provides approx. 8cm (3.125") more clearance than the Standard L-Bracket (#2314)
  • This  bracket is for really short bike frames, less than about 54cm.
  • The Velcro tabs found on all RandoBags (DTS or Dual Tab System), slip through a pair nylon rectangular “Uniloops” found on the top of this bracket (unlike prior versions that had a webbing slots).
  • This bracket is composed of two pieces: the 2314 Standard Bracket with the 2353 Supersize Extender plate added on. You can remove the extender plate and use it as a standard bracket for taller framed bikes.
  • The alloy frame is made from tubular aluminum (made my Minoura) and the extender plate contains a piece of 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum. The fabric is constructed of tough 420-denier Ripstop.
  • All “L” brackets now include an extra pair of “back up or insurance” screws & washers
  • The extender plate is available separately (# 2353, $13.00), so you can upgrade existing Standard L Brackets. Send us an e-mail for details.
  • The old style bracket utilizes a framesheet of plastic instead of an aluminum plate.
  • CAUTION: this bracket extends quite a distance about the top of your saddle, so you must exercise caution when swinging your leg over when “mounting up.”

Saddle & Frame Compatibility

This adapter mounts to the seat rail of most saddles, however Brooks and Selle AnAtomica ALSO require the special Wide Rail Adapter. See this page for other exceptions. Note the side profile photo above: Some saddle rails cause the top of the backboard to sit very close to your “rear.” Others, like my Gilles Berthoud have more clearance. This product is a bit of a “work in progress” as await feedback from customers.

To determine which saddle bracket is best for your size bike frame, visit this page. Frames smaller than 56cm may not work with this saddlebag system as the bag may rub on the rear wheel.*


Weight: 335 g (11.7 oz.)

Includes: Backboard attached to alloy frame with hex screws and backplate for attaching to saddle.

eoGEAR SKU # 2317-KSS and 2353-K00 (Extender plate only)

Backboard & fabric backing made in USA and frame made in Japan

made in usa