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Standard model (& Varia, not included) shown attached to a typical wedge bag.
Standard model on an eoGEAR 4.8 Bag (Varia not included).
Standard model. Small but strong.
The bracket in the upper left, jaws in the lower right and the loose OmniTape piece.
When using the Saddle Rail Adapter only, one can use a Varia with an eoGEAR 2.3 bag below it IF there is at least 20cm from the top of the top tube (where it meets the seatpost) to the rails of the saddle.
Saddle Rail Adapter only. Fits most, but not all saddles.
Small aircraft aluminum bars are sewn into the Standard Model which provide the bite for the jaws.
eoGEAR Garmin Varia Adapter
Saddle Rail Adapter attached directly to a saddle.
Standard Model on a wedge bag.
eoGEAR Garmin Varia Adapter
The following pictures serve as the instructions for the Standard model.
STEP 1: Back out the allen screws so they are as far as they can go without falling out.
STEP 2: Slip the “jaws” into the slot of your bag with the opening down. The jaws are asymmetrical with one side wider than the other. When possible, use the widest side toward your bag as it will provide more stability.
STEP 3: Slip the adapter over the open end of the jaws and scoot it up so it is snug. Tighten the allen screws.
STEP 4 (optional): If you find your Varia needs more stability, slip the piece of OmniTape Velcro through the D-ring on the adapter and attach there other end lower on the bag. Or, if you are having trouble centering the Varia (left & right), causing it to aim off center on the road, try this strap to tug it to one side or another.
STEP 4 (additional photo)
The Standard Adapter can be placed so the clamp is on the top of the receiving slot of the bag, but will be less stable.
Standard model shown attached to the eoGEAR 4.8 bag.
Standard model shown attached to the eoGEAR 4.8 bag.
Standard model shown attached to the eoGEAR 4.8 bag.

eoGEAR Garmin Varia Adapter


This adapter enables you to attach a Garmin Varia radar to the rear of nearly any seat bag (or saddle).

The Garmin Varia has proven to be a very popular product, but it is designed to only be attached to a bicycle seatpost. Consequently one cannot attach it to wedge or seat bags as it will block the radar. Most conventional tail lights can be attached to the seat bags, but no such adapter is provided with the Varia...so this product is our solution to the problem!

  • Attaches to any bag that has a slot for a blinkie light. The slot, usually made of webbing, must be at least an inch wide (25mm).
  • The angle of the Varia can be adjusted so it stays level, pointing back toward 
  • The adapter is composed of two components:
    - Jaws: sewn between nylon webbing are two small pieces of aircraft aluminum (6061T6), which serve to clamp down onto your bag
    - Bracket: this component (based on the GoPro swivel), which has an adjustable angle ¼-turn female receiver, clamps onto the above jaws.
  • The “saddle” bracket can be used by itself on most, but not all saddles (not on leather Brooks, Selle-Antomica or Rivet), in lieu of attaching it to your bag. Scroll down the bottom of this page for more info on saddle rails. 
  • Also provided is a piece of OmniTape which is a Velcro-type strap that can be used to stabilize the bottom of the adapter (if needed, optional)
  • The male tabs or mount on the RTL315 and RTL515 are the same and match earlier Varia models (as well as all Garmin computers), however, with the introduction of the RTC715 they totally redesigned it with a beefier ¼-turn mount. We currently don’t have in stock adapters for the 715 but are considering bringing them in. The problem is that we have not found any Chinese or local suppliers making adapters, only some companies in the UK doing limited run 3D printing. If you have a 715 then you might consider getting our complete adapter along with this product from the 3D Design Centre in the UK.

Design Note

Our original prototypes used a Velcro-type attachment, but we found that the Varia, in its cantilevered position, bounced or wobbled around too much, so we settled on a design that clamps onto the bag, providing a much more stable attachment.

There are several 3D printed models that will attach to the straps of a bike bag BUT the problem is that the back surface of most of our bags are tilted, so they will not work. They may work on a run-of-the-mill wedge bag, assuming the back panel is dead vertical.


Weight (complete bag adapter for RTL315 or RTL515): 67 g (2.4 oz.)
Weight (saddle bracket only): 48 g (1.7 oz.)
Weight (complete bag adapter for RTC715): TBA


See the last series of photos below.

Product Origin

The sewn part is designed and made in USA, whereas the bracket is imported from China.

made in usa