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Minoura frame and adapter on a SAA saddle.
Standard Saddle Bracket
Close-up detail of the adapter on a Rivet saddle.
INSTALLATION STEP 1: With the plate sitting in the curve of the rails, adjust the head of the outside bolts so they are snug against the inside of the rails.
INSTALLATION STEP 2: The plate should be in the center of the curve or slightly above it.
INSTALLATION STEP 3: Attach the rear plate to the frame and center the frame on the rails.
INSTALLATION STEP 4: Although this aluminum is aircraft-grade, it will flex. Because it is softer than hardened steel, it will stick to the rails of your saddle without reefing on the bolts. It only needs to hold the weight of your bag, NOT your body!
One customer was frustrated by the difficulty in securing his plate to a Brooks and did his own aftermarket U-bolts arrangement to more securely attach it.
eoGEAR Wide Rail Adapter (for Brooks, Rivet or similar saddles)

eoGEAR Wide Rail Adapter (for Brooks, Rivet or similar saddles)


  • Adapter for attaching any eoGEAR RandoBag (which may be using an L-bracket) to certain saddles with wider rails in the rear
  • Also for attaching the Minoura Double Water Bottle (SBH-300) bracket to these saddles
  • Has two adjustable spacer screws that you can adjust to the rail width for a snug fit.
  • This part replaces the steel back plate provided with the Minoura bracket, which is the backbone for the eoGEAR seat bag system or Dual Tab System (DTS).
  • Fit most, but not all saddles. See this page for details (scroll down to “eoGEAR Alloy Bracket...” heading).

User Tip

Be sure you adjust the outer pair of nuts and bolts so they are tight against the inner sides of your saddle rails. This will keep the attachment frame from sliding to the left or right and rotating out, causing a total loss of your bag.

Wide Rail Adapter Instruction Sheet

Also visit out Seat Bag Sizing Chart (scroll down to the bottom) for further information on saddle fits.


Weight: 40 g (1.4 oz.), comparable in weight to the OEM Minoura “back plate” it replaces.
Includes custom plate, four screws, four nuts and two spring washers (the two main “long” screws are M5 Socket Head Cap [allen] x 25mm should you wish to carry spares on long, self-supported trips).
Made from aircraft-grade 6061-T651 1/8" aluminum stock.

eoGEAR SKU # 2311

Made in the USA