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illumiNITE Waterproof Helmet Cover
illumiNITE Waterproof Helmet Cover

illumiNITE Waterproof Helmet Cover


Sculptured to keep the rain and wind out with our hydroGARD fabric. Ideal for the commuter or intrepid wet weather cyclist. The entire fabric of this IllumiNITE products reflects the light at night. Ideal for wet, dark brevets.

  • Elasticized hydroGARD cover
  • Fits most helmet styles
  • Taped and seam sealed
  • One size fits all
  • Available in fluoro lime only — best color for rainy, low visibility conditions.

My Recommendation

To use this cover to be used with a helmet light, I cut a 3-inch horizontal slit in the front of the cover. Before doing so, I first apply a 2-inch wide piece of clear packing tape, or if available, ripstop nylon repair tape and then make the slit.


Weight: 40 g (1..4 oz.)
eoGEAR SKU # 4318-F00

Made in China
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