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Back view showing KATS
With dividers (Accessories not included)
A355 — Junk Drawer Pouch
Straps can be added to carry items beneath bag.
V020 Divider on the left, now all black.
We’ve changed our logo! Old label on the left—new one on the right. Some current inventory may have old label.
Hand grab loop can be tucked behind and out of the way
Hand grab loop can be tucked behind and out of the way
Hand grab loop can be tucked behind and out of the way

A355 — Junk Drawer Pouch

Unpadded pouch for stowing non-fragile items on your Kinesis belt or Kinesis Journeyman™ pack. 

Every home or office has a “junk drawer” — the place where odds and ends get stashed

  • This pouch is completely unpadded (hence the cheaper price tag compared to other Kinesis pouches of similar size).
  • It features a one main compartment with a beefy self-healing #8 Coil horseshoe-shaped top zipper (current versions have no flap as photos may show).
  • The front has a 3D “eyelid” pocket to keep other essentials without getting crushed.
  • Optional interior dividers (V020) can be purchased separately.
  • D-rings on the back for optional Y315 shoulder strap.
  • Sewn-in hand grab loop.
  • It is sized and designed to be used a stand alone waist pouch or fanny pack. I use it frequently as a travel organizer. Because it is unpadded it will smosh down smaller. 

Field Report

My early prototype testing of this product included a mountain bike trip on the Moab Slick Rock bike trail (in southern Utah). I used the Junk Drawer pouch + three 1-liter water bottle pouches (A131s). We went in July — 3 liters of fluid was considered a minimum.
Compared to a traditional hydration pack, this set-up provided three unique features:

  1. I was able to bring a combination of both GatorAide and water, instead of just one or the other.
  2. My center of gravity was lower providing more stability while riding (important for a novice like me).
  3. Because the fluids were encapsulated in a foam-padded pouch, it keep the drinks cool for most of the ride. 


Uses KATS (Kinesis Attachment Tab System) for attaching to a belt.

5.5h x 11.50w x 3.25d" I.D.
Volume = 214 cu in
Weight = 7.3 oz.

14h x 29w
8.5d cm I.D.
Volume = 3.5 lit
Weight = 207 g

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa