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Features of the B206 (current model has slots sub-divided for use with KATS)
The B516 is to prevent slash & grab of your belt while being worn. INSTRUCTIONS: after attaching the belt on yourself, slip the Velcro strap in between the buckle slots as shown and back onto itself.
The optional B501 Metal Sliders fix the length of the belt so it doesn’t come out of adjustment when removed.
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B210 — Basic Belt (unpadded)

Unpadded belt for carrying small accessories on your waist.
  • Kinesis belts fit over streetwear, including your pants belt.
  • Constructed with 50mm (2") wide nylon webbing, with no padding.
  • Cut with extra webbing for use over winter apparel.
  • Six attachment points, or space for five single-wide pouches.*
  • Not compatible with certain pack or pack frame combinations.
  • All belts include a pair of Acetal (plastic looking) Strap Keepers which helps keep the loose end of the belt webbing tidy. As of September of 2023, we are no longer including the B501 Metal Sliders with every belt, but they can be ordered separately.

*See “Modularity is the Key” on this page for explanation of pouch widths.


Fits from 24.5" up to 48" (62-122cm) waist over clothing.

Special Notes

Arctic Conditions: Quality buckles are made from either Nylon or acetal (Delrin®). We use a Nylon/Acetal combination for our belts because at normal temperatures it is stronger & more impact resistant than 100% acetal. Nylon, however, may not be suitable for high humidity (white water rafting, kayaking or canoeing) or extreme subzero (-20ºF or less) temperatures. Special order belts with substitute acetal buckles are available at no additional cost.

High Crime Areas: The B516 is a small Velcro add-on strap to (hopefully) prevent slash & grab of your belt while being worn.

Designed and Crafted in USA

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