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The larger 40mm-wide strap stays attaches around your torso and the smaller 20mm-wide strap stabilizes the camera or camera case. One end of the smaller strap detaches for quick access.
H152 with H250 + H160 in suspender mode (H344 is similar but less padded) attached to a B107 waist belt.
H152 shown with camera.
H152 shown with camera.
H152 shown with camera.

H152 — Camera Stabilizing Torso Strap

Reduce the bouncing of a camera against your chest! Stabilizes a DSLR camera or holster case while worn around your neck with the camera's own neck strap.

Stabilizes the camera while walking or running.

The main strap is 4cm (1-1/2") wide and attaches only to your torso with Velcro and stays in place regardless of whether or not you have a camera secured. A secondary 2cm-wide (3/4") nylon strap with a quick-release buckle goes over or around the camera body and/or lens. It is adjustable for any diameter lens.

The strap does NOT attach directly to the camera body — it simply wraps around your camera lens, preferably under the camera body, providing support to the camera body and keeps it from bouncing. When snugged down, this strap will transfer the majority of the weight of a camera to your waist, greatly relieving the strain on your neck.


Weight: 100 g (3.5 oz.)

Medium fits torso from approximately 71cm to 117cm (28-46"). The “typical” male torso is about three inches less than the chest measurements.

Small (Special Order) fits torso from approximately 58cm to 91.5cm (23-36"). 

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa