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H675 PJ Camera Strap
Threading diagram for the camera side (H435). Note that the concave bar on slider #1 should face towards the webbing. The loose end of the webbing can be tucked into slider #2.
Camera with “slotted lugs” for attaching strap.
Camera with round lugs which require a metal O-ring. The webbing is then fed through the O-ring.
Camera with round lugs but it also comes with a triangular adapter for the webbing found on all neck straps (i.e. no need to order our round O-rings).
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Camera & model not included!
Camera & model not included!
Camera & model not included!

H675 — PJ Camera Strap

PJ = Photojournalist

This is a minimalist camera neck strap with quick-release buckles that integrate with the rest of the Kinesis system.

The H675 is a lean and mean neck strap for the photojournalist or other shooters looking for a low profile, yet durable strap. Because of the thin construction and Slip-not fabric, this strap can be used as both a neck strap or shoulder strap. (Some shoulder straps are so thick or heavily padded that they are not comfortable as a neck strap.)

  • Includes a pair of the H435 female camera attachment buckles bar tacked to 1,000-lb. test webbing.
  • Sewn from two layers of Superknit, a very breathable soft knit fabric. This fabric is lightly padded with 2mm of open cell foam.
  • Centered on the bottom side is layer of Slip-not fabric, a rubber-like, non-slip material that will stay on your shoulder.
  • If you have multiple bodies, then purchase additional H435 connectors.

Please note that this buckle system is not compatible with other neck strap systems (i.e. Op/Tech, Tamrac etc.), but is compatible with the Kinesis Y303 pack adapter.

NOTE: some point-n-shoot cameras have 6mm (1/4") round lugs instead of elongated slots. These cameras sometimes come with a much cooler triangular adapter for a neck strap webbing—if not, order the optional, but free (with purchase) H431 O-ring set. See photos for clarification.


Weight: 375 g (13 oz.)

Overall length of strap adjusts from 58 to 71cm (23 to 28"). This is measuring from the ends of the male buckles. The H435 adapter that attaches to your camera body add another 5 to 10cm (2 to 4") to each end, depending on how much slack you allow in these straps.

Length of the fabric part of the strap: 37cm (14-1/2")

Length of Slip-not fabric: 11cm (4-1/4")

Width of webbing that attaches to your camera: 10mm (1/4"). May not fit some point-and-shoots cameras that have smaller-than-DSLR (6mm) attachment loops.

Maximum width of the fabric part of the strap: 50mm (2")

Width of the webbing on the ends of the strap that attaches to the camera: 10mm (3/8")

Designed and Crafted in USA

made in usa